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As always, please do your own research or follow people who do. The following links are merely a starting point for you to begin your search for truth. Please feel free to share with others. If you find some links are not working just know that the internet is scrubbing the truth from Google searches, Wikipedia and Youtube. I do go through links when I can and replace them with ones that work. Rumble and Bitchute have been pretty good so far.

COVID-19: The Great Reset Paperback

This book, by the founder of the World Economic Forum (the institution that partnered with the WHO to declare a pandemic of international concern in March, and is behind the call to impose lockdowns on the majority of the world’s population) states openly that the virus itself is of little concern, and that lockdown measures will continue indefinitely to push through automation and digital technologies that benefit corporations at the expense of the poor and the third world.

The billionaires are not hiding that they benefit from the pandemic response while millions are being starved, deprived of their livelihoods, and kept apart from their families and communities.

The CDC and UN have stated openly that many more people have died or become ill, and will continue to do so, as a result of lockdown measures that have been affected by the virus itself.

Non-cooperation and saying I Do Not Consent are not going to stop this. The whole system that allows this violence to continue needs to be burned to the ground. The media, education, political, legal, banking, trade, medical and industrial systems all need to go.

An excerpt:

“In one form or another, social- and physical-distancing measures are likely to persist after the pandemic itself subsides, justifying the decision in many companies from different industries to accelerate automation.

After a while, the enduring concerns about technological unemployment will recede as societies emphasize the need to restructure the workplace in a way that minimizes close human contact.

Indeed, automation technologies are particularly well suited to a world in which human beings can’t get too close to each other or are willing to reduce their interactions. Our lingering and possibly lasting fear of being infected with a virus (COVID-19 or another) will thus speed the relentless march of automation, particularly in the fields most susceptible to automation.

In 2016, two academics from Oxford University came to the conclusion that up to 86% of jobs in restaurants, 75% of jobs in retail and 59% of jobs in entertainment could be automatized by 2035.

Sept/2021 ~

I Read Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” So You Don’t Have To

These three industries are among those the hardest hit by the pandemic and in which automating for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness will be a necessity that in turn will further accelerate the transition towards more tech and more digital.

There is an additional phenomenon set to support the expansion of automation: when “economic distancing” might follow social distancing. As countries turn inward and global companies shorten their super-efficient but highly fragile supply chains, automation and robots that enable more local production, while keeping costs down, will be in great demand.

The process of automation was set in motion many years ago, but the critical issue once again relates to the accelerating pace of change and transition: the pandemic will fast-forward the adoption of automation in the workplace and the introduction of more robots in our personal and professional lives.

November 2020 Time magazine cover. They aren’t even hiding their plans, it’s in our faces! Wake Up!!!!

From the onset of the lockdowns, it became apparent that robots and AI were a “natural” alternative when human labour was not available. Furthermore, they were used whenever possible to reduce the health risks to human employees. At a time when physical distancing became an obligation, robots were deployed in places as different as warehouses, supermarkets and hospitals in a broad range of activities, from shelf scanning (an area in which AI has made tremendous forays) to cleaning and of course robotic delivery – a soon-to-be important component of healthcare supply chains that will in turn lead to the “contactless” delivery of groceries and other essentials.

As for many other technologies that were on the distant horizon in terms of adoption (like telemedicine), businesses, consumers and public authorities are now rushing to turbocharge the speed of adoption. “

This is from the Conclusion to the book, page 247.

“There is no denying that the COVID-19 virus has more often than not been a personal catastrophe for the millions affected by it, and for their families and communities. However, at a global level, if viewed in terms of the percentage of the global population affected, the corona crisis is (so far) one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years. In all likelihood, unless the pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics. At the end of June 2020, COVID-19 has killed less than 0.006% of the world population. To put this low figure into context, the Spanish flu killed 2.7% of the world’s population and HIV/AIDS 0.6%”
— with Thom Forester.

Can be purchased at Amazon:
Amazon Canada:

More Info:

The “COVID Network”: An Analysis
A new analysis, “The COVID Network,” shows the complex relationships and financial flows between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies, documents, and people. MASSIVE PDF showing how all the “Global Health Authorities” are connected.

Video: The Great Reset: Covid-19 and the World Economic Forum Plan to Impose A New World Order

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding “The Great Reset”

Klaus Schwab’s Nazi Roots Finally Traced

The Only Solution to the Great Reset

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Pandemic

The Great Reset
No Privacy, No Property ~ The World in 2030 According to the World Economic Forum

The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset”

Watch this video – The presenter, Anna, shows a video from a pro-vaccine researcher, who discusses peer reviewed studies that explain where the Spike Proteins from the vaccine accumulate in the human body. Anna then explains that because Spike Proteins are positively charged, and toxins, negatively charged Zeolite, which scavenges for positively charged toxins (a peer reviewed process), could help combat the spike proteins from both the vaccine and possible shedding ~ this is incredible!
ORDER the “Pure Body Extra” Zeolite Clinoptilolite Here:

The Great Reset for Dummies

The Great Reset ~ The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives

Agenda 2030 Translation/New World Order/The Great Reset Disguised as Sustainable Development ~ 4 minute video

Prepare Yourself for What is Coming
All the sleeping masses are the ones who are going to drag us into AI slavery. We’re at a time in history where we find ourselves on the frontline, all of us. We’re on the frontline here, folks ~ Max Igan

Check out the Table of Contents for Klaus Schwab’s 2018 book, “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
On page 203 he writes…
“Geoengineering is defined as large-scale, deliberate interventions in the Earth’s natural systems. Some of its promised applications include shifting rainfall patterns… and altering biospheres using biotechnologies.”
You can get this book at Amazon:

The Truth about the Wuhan Virus

Monopoly-Follow the Money ~ An overview of the Great Reset.
This informative video gives an overview of what is currently happening in the world in just 1 hour. The video shows the modern global systems, and focuses on the situation in the Netherlands. We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognize this situation. In consultation with Tim Gielen, the maker of this video, and in cooperation with others who strive for freedom, we translated it into English. We think it is a very important video to share with the world, so we can change things for the better.

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

What is The Great Reset? Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Twisted Agenda

MONOPOLY (An Overview Of The Great Reset) ‘Follow The MONEY…’

How Is Agenda 21 Being Implemented Worldwide? It is also called The Great Reset/The New World Order/Climate Change and Sustainable Development/Build Back Better/The Green New Deal

COVID-19: A Precursor To A ‘New World Order?’ aka “The Great Reset”

Here’s a website put out by our elitist overlords currently pushing us into the New World Order/Agenda21/2030. They are doing this right now in real time using covid as their tool. They are not hiding their intentions, they never have….

By Spiro Skouras
For months we have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and time again things will never be the same and we must accept the new normal. Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and have officially launched their solution to this crisis. The proposed solution is the Great Reset. In this report we examine what exactly is the great reset and who is involved. We also explore what the Great Reset means for humanity as we face unprecedented times.
Now is the time for a ‘great reset’
World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework
The Great Reset
What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Spiro on Bitchute:

World Leaders Give Greenlight to Globalist “Great Reset”

Agenda 2030: UN Sustainable Development, Wealth Transfer Scheme

“The Great Reset”
No Privacy, No Property ~ The World in 2030 According to the WEF (World Economic Forum) and Klaus Schwab

No Privacy, No Property ~ The World in 2030 According to the WEF (World Economic Forum)
“The Great Reset”

The globalists are setting the stage for the Great Reset with an upcoming high-profile simulation targeting cyber attacks against major financial institutions. The World Economic Forum (WEF) will team up with the Russian government and global banks this July to simulate a major supply-chain “cyberpandemic” that could potentially “bring down the entire system.” The simulation, called Cyber Polygon 2021, was announced by Russia’s largest state-run bank Sberbank in February. “The key message voiced by experts at WEF and other international platforms is that supply chain security is to become a major cybersecurity issue in 2021,” Sberbank stated. “The ever-expanding digitalization tightens the interconnectivity between people, devices, companies and countries. Thus, the resilience of an entire system depends on the ability of each link within a chain to withstand threats of various grades.” The website ominously warns that “a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system, just like the domino effect”, adding that “Cyber Polygon 2021 will enable the spectators and participants to improve on their cyber literacy, enhance the resilience of their organizations and learn to repel cyberthreats on all levels.” Their website:

The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy Theory – And no one likes you, Klaus

The Great Reset is Real, Here’s Why You Won’t Enjoy It

Globalist Klaus Schwab: World Will “Never” Return to Normal After COVID

Remember how the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Event 201 which was a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York and then 3 months later the world was hit with a “pandemic”? Well, now Klaus Scwhab king of the WEF and The Great Reset has another exercise planned called the “Cyber Polygon” which Schwab says will be worse than the current global crisis. These people are INSANE PSYCHOPATHS!!! Remember, they always have to be out in the open and tell people what they’re doing, most people are “asleep” anyway.

WEF Official Cyber Polygon:

WEF Cyber Polygon breakdown:

The Internet of Bodies WEF Cyber:

Dr. Vernon Coleman
They Want To Kill 6 Billion of Us and Here’s How They Will Do It.

Article on his website:

The Great Reset (aka Build Back Better, Agenda21/2030, Sustainable Development, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Green New Deal or the New Deal for Nature) is an attempted global capitalist coup on a scale never before imagined.

Socialists are using ‘hysteria over COVID as a weapon of economic destruction’

Investigating claims that global elites have orchestrated the pandemic and what their motives might be.

Purchase at Amazon:

Watched a really great Catherine Austin Fitts video lastnight and I think it’s important for people to watch it in order to know what the globalists have planned for us in the very near future. They don’t hide it from us, they know most people are complacent and will never question. Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large scale instances of government fraud.
Here is the video:

David Icke Exposes the Great Reset in Powerful Interview

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared
In that the Great Panic of 2020 (pandemic) is currently dominating the new cycle, don’t think for a minute that radical climate change alarmism has gone away. To the contrary, it is just waiting for the massive funding that will be sprung during the Great Reset.

Here’s the video of the Corbett Report:$/embed/thegreatreset/72715bc103c582eb154949a1418948a6c7b8e3bb?fbclid=IwAR3iZV6z2w4n1A6nJrTK_xL71_j7zYibZjq53fUQD0ATo199Y0r_QovPycg

Clair Edwards Tells the Entire World the Fraud and Plan to Destroy Us All (Great Reset/Covid/5G/Vaccinations)

Media Won’t Mention this Historic Speech EXPOSING GLOBAL PLANS FOR POPULATION – R.F Kennedy Jr.

COVID-19 Fatality Rate “Worst Miscalculation” in Human History – PhD Student in Epidemiology

Actual Proof That the Virus Does Not Exist

Rebuilding Towards the Great Reset: Crisis, Covid-19, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Global Elites Announce ‘Great Reset’ Plan—And It’s Even More Radical Than the Green New Deal


Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030

How Is Agenda 21 Being Implemented Worldwide?

COVID-19 Is The Litmus Test ~ Excellent Article with links!
It has been nearly nine months and to date there is still no significant statistical data to confirm that any county in any state in the country is in fact experiencing a medical emergency.

What Is Agenda 21? Depopulation of 95% of the World By 2030

The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller’s Lockstep 2010

On 4/20/21,, a military intelligence agency, deleted their mysterious 2025 forecast spreadsheet that predicted a major collapse of the western countries but I have saved archive links listed below .
“The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank. It is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset. If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.”

Deagel Depopulation Stats Archived

PDF Format:

Web Archive:

World Economic Forum Youtube Channel

The One World Order From The Beginning!
This 60 Minute documentary takes us back to the beginning of the One World Government (Order) and exposes those in power and their intentions for your life today, plus it offers information on how to protect you and your family from slavery in the near future. If you believe The U.S. Government is here to serve and protect then this video is NOT FOR YOU because a One World Order or New World Order will Take Away Your Freedom! Time tells the truth and time is up! Are you prepared?

Important – This video of Harry Vox originally aired in New York City on October 21st 2014. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this plan has been in operation since that time. Note Victurus Libertas is under severe and heavy censorship, my downloader could not even find this video, and when it eventually did, all that is available is the audio track. “They” do NOT want this video circulated…. It first re-aired here about a month ago, hidden among the pet videos…
Rockefellar “Lockestep” PDF download:

How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030.

Dr Rashid Buttar Warns About the Unconstitutional TRACE Act, HR 6666

Contact Tracing and How Will it Affect Your Life – Frightening

The World Bank sent COVID-19 test kits to various countries BACK IN 2018! How could they send out a test kit for a virus that no one knew about until the end of 2019? If they knew, they obviously had the “vaccine”, too! Why are they keeping it from us???

Gray State movie – I hear it’s a wake up call to The New World Order.
A Gray State Trailer:
Gray State – Full Movie:

AND… Guess who is associated with The World Bank: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros, Rockefellers & the U.N. just to name a few. Links with specific information are below.

Link to page on post:

Bill & Melinda Gates:

Bill Clinton:

Notice the names of the Foundations associated with the World Bank on the following document. I have listed a few below.

20 – William J Clinton Foundation
31 – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
65 – Open Society Foundation (George Soros)
68 – Rockefeller Foundation
77 – United Nations Foundation

Q&A: Michael Levitt on why there shouldn’t be a lockdown, how he’s been tracking coronavirus

Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained

WE ARE BEING PLAYED! What is happening in our world right now in 2020 HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR DECADES! Check out this terrific article written by Grace Van Berkum:

The Truth About the Bio-Research Labs in Ukraine ~ Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connection–the-truth-about-the-bio-research-labs-in-ukraine-klaus-schwab-and-hunter-b.html

Dr. Carrie Madej – An Urgent Wake-Up Call About New COVID-19 Vaccine

BOMBSHELL: Former Pfizer executive says covid-19 “pandemic is over,” so-called “second wave” based on fraudulent testing

Dr Stella Immanuel MD: “Everyone in the White House get on HCQ twice a month. With daily vit C, D, and zinc. If your doctors will not prescribe it I will. I can see you via telehealth emergency licensed in DC. Use: and I will hook you guys up. POTUS, FLOTUS don’t wait to get sick.”

When 618 doctors from Belgium alone sign their names to a letter stating;
‘’There is an affordable, safe and efficient therapy available for those who do show severe symptoms of disease in the form of HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), zinc and azithromycin.
‘’Rapidly applied this therapy leads to recovery and often prevents hospitalisation. Hardly anyone has to die now.
‘’This effective therapy has been confirmed by the clinical experience of colleagues in the field with impressive results.’’
Have we reached a point in time where government health bureaucrats in Australia are now at risk at committing crimes by continuing to deny sick Australians access to this medicine ?
First Choice’: How China and the WHO Created Mass Ventilator Hysteria

QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion
Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G 60 GHz Millimeter Wave, Chemtrail-Disseminated Smart Dust and Vaccine-Delivered Digitized RNA are Mutually Intensifying Quaternary Weapons Deliberately Launched and Coordinated to Shut Down a Targeted City or Nation, Commit Genocide, Depopulate and/or Trigger an ELE

Anthony Fauci is on video in 2017 predicting the current COVID outbreak. He would know, because he spent +$4 million at the Level 4 facility in Wuhan, China to bioengineer its so-called “gain of function”. And that was only one of similar bioweapons that he developed with US Tax Dollars.

Purchase Ivermectin Online:
Covid Vaccine Detox Remedies and Products:

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  1. […] This book, by the founder of the World Economic Forum (the institution that partnered with the WHO to declare a pandemic of international concern in March, and is behind the call to impose lockdowns on the majority of the world’s population) states openly that the virus itself is of little concern, and that lockdown measures will continue indefinitely to push through automation and digital technologies that benefit corporations at the expense of the poor and the third world. […]


  2. […] A History of Klaus Scwab and the World Economic ForumThe World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger – The Great Reset: […]


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