Sept 2021 News and Health Updates

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As always, please do your own research. The following links are merely a starting point for you to begin your search for truth. Please feel free to share with others. If you find some links are not working just know that the internet is scrubbing the truth from Google searches, Wikipedia and Youtube. I do go through links when I can and replace them with ones that work. Rumble and Bitchute have been pretty good so far.

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Is there evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections? By David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD

Whistleblower: Nearly 50k Medicare Patients Died Soon After Getting COVID Vaccine

Are the mRNA Vaccines a Gene Therapy?

Press Conference: Death by Vaccination. Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines (2021-09-20)
Cause of Death After COVID-19 Vaccination ~ Undeclared Components of the COVID-19 Vaccines

Watch this video – The presenter, Anna, shows a video from a pro-vaccine researcher, who discusses peer reviewed studies that explain where the Spike Proteins from the vaccine accumulate in the human body. Anna then explains that because Spike Proteins are positively charged, and toxins, negatively charged Zeolite, which scavenges for positively charged toxins (a peer reviewed process), could help combat the spike proteins from both the vaccine and possible shedding ~ this is incredible!
ORDER the “Pure Body Extra” Zeolite Clinoptilolite Here:

Pentagon data analysis shows Antibody Dependent Enhancement WORSENS over time

Vaccine researcher James Grundvig blows the lid on the CRIMINAL FRAUD of the CDC

The Covid-19 Vaccine
There are so many questions surrounding the Covid-19 Vaccination – Is it safe? Will it end this pandemic? Is it effective? What is the technology used? Why are so many people sceptical? Here are some answers to the many questions people have.

David E. Martin alleges that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated international biological weapons treaties, engaged in racketeering, collusion, federal restraint of trade violations, market allocation, antitrust violations, and reckless – if not willful – mass homicide. Also implicated is UBC, the University of British Columbia.
Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance.He is the developer of the first innovation-based quantitative index of public equities and is the Managing Partner of the Purple Bridge Funds.

Here is the Shocking Next Phase of the Scamdemic Warns Healthcare Whistleblower
A Possible Marburg-RiVax Final Solution
Marburg Virus

How do vaccinated people spread Delta? What the science says
Emerging data suggest that Delta could spread more readily than other coronavirus variants among people vaccinated against COVID-19. But key questions remain.

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System. Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.

BOMBSHELL from attorney Thomas Renz: Nearly 50k Medicare patients died soon after getting COVID shot

MILLIONS are dying from covid vaccines, but the media isn’t telling you about it
There are far more people dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” than the authorities are admitting. A new scientific report explains that there are now millions of people all around the world who have either died or become seriously and permanently injured or disabled from the jabs – with no end in sight.

U.S. doctor reports a ’20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients
The federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has reported an astonishing explosion in the number of problems it is seeing with vaccines, as reactions to the COVID vaccines that have been pushed by politicians over the last year have multiplied exponentially.

“The DARPA DEFUSE Project”
How EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology Collaborated on a Dangerous Bat Coronavirus Project
DRASTIC was recently made aware of documents provided by a whistleblower, which show that EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) in concert wIth the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) attempted to carry out advanced and dangerous human pathogenicity Bat Coronavirus research that would clearly qualify as Gain of Function (GoF), in a grant proposal submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2018.

Sept/2021 ~ Here is the Shocking Next Phase of the Scamdemic Warns Healthcare Whistleblower
A Possible Marburg-RiVax Final Solution
Marburg Virus

Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

The “fully vaccinated” will experience enhanced disease when re-exposed to new coronavirus variants – study

Dr. Ryan Cole speaks with Del Bigtree on the latest c@vid jab effects. Receptors that keep cancer and other things in check, are being suppressed by the so called vaxxines. Amongst others, an Irish GP has contacted Dr Cole, and said he’s seeing an increase in cancers in the vaxxinated, that he has never seen before in a 40 year career.

Unexpected and heartbreaking: Thousands flood ABC affiliate’s Facebook page with vaccination horror stories

In this latest documentary on the pandemic response, we hear from experts around the globe who are qualified to address the pandemic (not anonymous “fact-checkers” defending a narrative):

Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid and the Corruption Behind It (Mind blowing video)

The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World
3 sources for the video:

Summary of the Evidence for Ivermectin in COVID-19

The Warning Signs Of Antibody Dependent Enhancement

VAERS Report From Dec 14/2020 to Sept 3/2021 ~ Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs, as Biden Rolls Out Plan to Force 100 Million More Americans to Get Vaccinated

Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW – This is Mass Murder/Genocide.

Follow this link and enter “Comirnaty” for the Pfizer jab trade name.. 
This is a TON of adverse affects

The “COVID Network”: An Analysis
A new analysis, “The COVID Network,” shows the complex relationships and financial flows between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies, documents, and people. MASSIVE PDF showing how all the “Global Health Authorities” are connected.

How Hospitals are Killing Us
Through the introduction of the ICU and Critical Care Ward, hospitals have been subverted by cold, calculating technicians who do not care about individual patients.

More and more is coming out about how the “vaccines” are hurting and killing people. Kingston, who has read and studied hundreds of pages of CV19 vaccine patents, says, “They are not vaccines. They are only intended to poison, mutate, cause genetic mutations, and kill adults and children. They contain advanced medical technologies called lipid nanoparticles that are made of hydrogel, which contains graphene oxide (poison to humans). There are strong immunosuppressants, different types of chemotherapies that could suppress your immune system while being injected by something that is going to highjack your immune system and actually produce this disease causing genetic material that can cause cancers, inflammatory diseases, genetic disorders, infertility and etc. That’s when I cried, not for myself or my family, but for God’s children basically.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status 09/15/2021. Everybody must watch this and SHARE! You want the truth? This is it!!!

Meet Dr. Death. Most of the deaths not only in the United States, but around the world were caused not by COVID-19 but by the treatment Remdesivir. Anthony Fauci is in the process of being sued by the German Government. This is not just about monetary compensation, they have PROOF Fauci knew of the results of the use of Remdesivir before it killed so many people. His actions make him guilty of mass murder, (Genocide) and he should be tried internationally under the Nuremberg Code for crimes against humanity. Check out this mind blowing video:

Mind Blowing and Devastating Speeches from FDA Meeting. Full video here: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021
8 Hour Video:

Dr. Rose reveals shocking 1000% increase in vaccine DEATHS during FDA vaccine hearing (above link)

Yes. There is an agenda. Agenda 2030. Below is a ‘roadmap for vaccine passports’, published on the European Commission’s website in May 2019 (BEFORE Covid). Everyone who warned about this agenda was dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Christian Perronne, MD, PhD talks about how proof from both Israel and the UK show that vaccinated people are at much greater risk of serious disease and should quarantine over winter to protect both themselves, and the rest of society. The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.

07/21/2021: Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

Do you know what the “EO” on the swab wrapper stands for? Ethylene Oxide. A known carcinogen.

A five-day course of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness

“What really happened in Wuhan?” – Sky News Hits Fauci with a MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs)

The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – Claire Edwards

Shocking Discovery About Covid-19 Passport Company Ownership

Canadian Doctors Destroy the Covid Fear Narrative:

Scientists with the Corona Committee Conference (Reiner Fuellmich’s team) have analyzed a sample of all four genocide-jabs, and what they discovered was beyond monstrous. What Pfizer has been injecting into people is truly an Abomination by every definition of the word. When viewed under the microscope, pathologists found the stuff of nightmares. They found parasites (possibly a recombinant Kamakasi Hookworm), razor sharp nanoparticles, what looks like Morgellons fibers, graphene oxide, and what can only be described as some kind of nanotechnology that’s capable of moving around under its own volition. The evidence being produced by the Corona Committee Conference corroborates the work previously done by Dr. Young in America as well as the Fifth Column group out of Spain. That is three separate sources who have now published the same diabolical findings. It’s undeniable There is no reason to inject this into people without it being a Crime Against Humanity.

The COVID-19 Plandemic – An Agenda for Rapid Depopulation and Total A.I. Control

Sept 2021 ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer. He is among the most influential and prominent lawyers in Germany. He was born in Germany and went to Georg-August University in Göttingen and in Los Angeles to obtain his law degree. However, his schooling was completed at a school in Bremen and Farmington Hills. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich specialises globally on the prosecution of fraudulent corporations. He now leads a team of international lawyers in what will become the world’s largest global tort case—against all protagonists and accomplices in what is now being called, “The COVID Scandal.” The team of more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, the WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Dr. Fuellmich is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, a kind of “Nuremberg 2.0”. Here is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Sept 15/2021 summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status.

Another link:

Nuremberg Code with Pastor John & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Current protocols: Drug them up using dangerous and often fatal drugs like Fauci’s Remdesivir (kills the kidneys and fills the lungs with fluids). Midazolam: (Midazolam, sold under the brand name Versed, among others, is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia, procedural sedation, trouble sleeping, and severe agitation). Finally, hook them up to a ventilator which will blow up their lungs. Death probability is 95+%. Doctors and nurses are kidnapping the patients not allowing family members or even legal guardians/power of attorney people to intervene. I’ve heard of many led out in handcuffs.

Sept 16/2021 ~ Doctor Crystal Luchkiw shares her personal experience working in the hospital system during covid-19. Unethical medical coercion has become a daily thing for her and many doctors and nurses in the hospitals. Crystal has some other alarming news to share with us that will make you second guess our medical system entirely!

Open Letter and Information Package ~ The Truth About SARS CoV2/n Covid-19

Is the Covid Vaccine Causing Cancer? It’s Destroying Your Immune System, that’s a Fact:

‘Vaccine’ Dependency: How the Covid ‘Vaccines’ Create New Variants

ThePatriotNurse: Who Will Die First After the Vaccine: A WARNING

So Who are The Globalists Responsible For Destroying Our Countries? Check This Out:

More Truth About Masks

Why Are the Globalists & Corrupt Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? People Need to Read This!

Attempted Murder by Ventilator – What the Hell is Going on at Castlebar Hospital in Ireland?

Hospitals are lying about being overrun with Covid patients… many facilities are EMPTY

Vaccine Kills ~ Nurses Speak Out About Vaccinated Surge in Emergency Rooms

Covid-19 Vaccine Makers Blasted for ‘Unconscionable Profits,’ Monopolies, and Low Taxes

100+ Ontario Youth Sent To Hospital For Vaccine-Related Heart Problems

NBRAIN Neuroelectronics Secures $17 Million in Series A Funding for First AI-Powered Graphene-Brain Interface

A Final Warning to Humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon

Immune system’s T cells can mount attacks against many coronavirus targets — even on new variants

How globalists convinced BILLIONS of people to exterminate themselves with biological weapons presented as “vaccines”

The Real Reason Behind EVERYTHING

Climate Lockdowns: New CO2 monitoring credit card enables tracking of ‘carbon footprint on every purchase’ – ‘Monitors & cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max’ – Mastercard & UN join forces

Raging anger from India: Arrest Bill Gates for “ruthless and immoral” Vaccines!

2030 Unmasked Documentary Connecting Covid-19, Masks, Vaccines, the Banking System and The Great Reset

Sept/2021 – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano ~ There’s a massacre “Vaccination” Plan at the Global Level
Read his letters to President Trump here:

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Find This Awesome T-shirt and More Here:

Open Your Eyes

The Georgia Guidestones and the Globalist Plan to Reduce Humanity to Half a Billion

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