The Greatest Story Never Told

This documentary like many others that are exposing the greatest lies of the 20th century surrounding the life and story of Adolf Hitler and WWII, has been deleted, blocked, and banned world wide not only on YouTube but also iTunes and other platforms. Such desperate attempts to keep the truth hidden from the deceived masses should be a major red flag for anyone who is seeking the truth and the escape from the web of lies and delusion that has been bestowed upon us. We have all been unfathomably deceived. Our enemies and the greatest threat to humanity – organized international Jewry, has concealed, through lies and deceit the most heinous crimes of theft, rape, sadistic torture and brutal and unthinkable murder of 10’s of millions of innocent men, women and children pre, during and after the so called “good war” – WWII. Please watch, share and repost this video to help expose the greatest kept secrets and the most unimaginable lies. Lets rise up together, as one, united against Jewish tyranny.
Learn the untold story about the most reviled man in history. Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told is a 6-hour Documentary by TruthWillOut Films. This ground-breaking documentary chronicles the rise of Germany from defeat in World War I, to communist attempts to take over Germany; hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic, widespread unemployment and misery, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. It also reveals a personal side of Adolf Hitler: who he was, his family background, his artwork and struggles in Vienna and what motivated him to come to power.
There’s so much hidden history to recount; FDR Pearl Harbor conspiracy, Soviet brutality, betrayal and treachery on all sides. Do we really know the true cost of war? Do we really possess all the facts? Watch this series and uncover the real root causes of World War II. Do your own research and decide what you choose to believe. Think differently.

“Lord God, give us the strength so that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children’s children, not only for ourselves but for other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for your German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind.” ~ Adolf Hitler

PART 1 – Adolf Hitler’s childhood, from his birth and early life, throughout his WW1 exploits and into his early political career.
PART 2 – Hitler goes to prison whilst Germany descends into poverty. The NSDAP rise to power, the Nuremberg Rallies and Germany prospers again.
PART 3 – History of the swastika including the Anschluss, more on Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun, and the Sudeten conflict.
PART 4 – Germany and the Jews, Crystal Night and the Transfer Agreement between Palestine & Germany, and Benjamin Freedman speech.
PART 5 – The truth behind WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles which was a great injustice ultimately leading to the Allies declaring WW2.
PART 6 – England and France declare war because of the German-Polish conflict, meanwhile in Berlin, everyone celebrates a great victory.
PART 7 – The American Racism that has carried on way into the 60’s and Roosevelt’s Fake Neutrality and deception.
PART 8 – War in Europe and the daring Operation Barbarossa, the push into Russia to cripple Zionist Communism forever.
PART 9 – After the bloodiest part of WW2 and most likely the darkest hour the Allies would like us to forget. The dishonour and lies that we have been told, and the blood that has been drawn to cover it up.
PART 10 -Stalingrad and the onslaught of German Forces East with Japan in the South-East fighting Communism against China and France.
PART 11 – The Red Terror and the Partisans as the Wermacht retreat westward at the Battle of Kursk, then the Bloodiest Massacre at Katyn and the cover-ups.
PART 12 – Breaking Mussolini out the daring prison break by the most dangerous man in Europe, Otto Skorzeny, called Operation Oak. Hitler chooses three men to free Mussolini.
PART 13 – This episode shows the hidden web of money and lies and the billions of dollars the Americans invested into the rise of Communism.
PART 14 – General Leon DeGrelle, the most famous of the Waffen SS. “My Honour is My Loyalty”, he earned all stripes from Corporal to General, and died at the age of 87.
PART 15 – Battle of the Bulge, which nearly turned the War on it’s head; the march through Moscow to the Gulag; and one man’s heroic escape home to his family.
PART 16 – The Treachery and the bombing of civilians by the Americans and British; Stalin slaughtering millions upon millions of Russians and Germans.
PART 17 – Battle of Berlin and the death of Adolf Hitler; the Russians are bombarding Berlin from the east; in the west the Allies pushing hard; Berlin falls.
PART 18 – The horrific deaths of Joseph & Magda Goebbels, Operation Slaughterhouse, and the Allied mistreatment of German prisoners.
PART 19 – The de-Nazification and ethnic cleansing of the Germans, whilst in Asia, the war continues with Japan.
PART 20 – The London Cage, a series of nine cages in Britain where the torture of Germans took place.
PART 21 – David Cole, the history of the six million.
PART 22 – Plunder of German technology, defeat brings retribution.
PART 23 – Return of the German POW’s, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the great Allied “East German” deception.
PART 24 – Hitler’s economic miracle – The Media Revenge – And what if? What if Germany had actually won and Utopia had lost?
PART 25 – Operation Thunder, fighting to save Europe, the
Charlemagne Waffen SS and Hitler’s Lament.
PART 26 – Credits & Thanks, Video list of all sources and links that contributed to this epic documentary.
PART 27 – Babylon Before Hitler – Bonus, Adolf Hitler was a man of high morals and proved it by cleaning up the depraved streets of the Marxist cesspit otherwise known as Berlin.

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