Random World News and Health Updates For September 2022

Current VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) Data – Represents Between 2 – 3% of Actual Numbers Reported

Do You Want to Know If the Covid Vaccine Batch You Received Was Safe or Deadly? Check Out the “How Bad is My Batch” Website and Type in Your Lot Number: https://howbadismybatch.com/
Covid Vaccine Detox: www.DiamondzDetox.com

Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS)

Here Are the 9 Pages That Pfizer Was Forced to Release With Around 1300 Side Effects/Adverse Reactions From Their Covid “Vaccine”

Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due to COVID Vaccination & over 2 billion injured

The Coming Economic Maelstrom (violent or turbulent situation) is Completely and Utterly Unnecessary

NEW – Just Released Oct 5/2022!
Fall Of the Cabal Sequel Part 25 ~ “Covid19 ~ Torture Program”

The original 10 part series of the Fall Of the Cabal AND the Sequel can be found at my website and is updated as each new episode is released so please bookmark:

The Pfizer Effect: Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying due to COVID Vaccination every week according to official Government data

New paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death ~ The CDC isn’t going to tell you any of this. Today, it’s the job of “misinformation spreaders” like me to let you know what is in the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals.

mRNA spike protein detected in the brain and heart in deceased man, a case report published in the top journal “Vaccines” shows. “The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”

Canada ~ Investigation into Criminal Allegations Concerning Covid 19 Response

The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank. It is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset. If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.

On 4/20/21, Deagel.com deleted their mysterious 2025 forecast spreadsheet that predicted a major collapse of the western countries but I have saved some archive links:



PDF: https://nobulart.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Deagel-2025-Forecast-by-Country.pdf

PDF: https://www.ahava528.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Deagel-Analysis-updated.pdf
A Documentary About the Deadly Chemicals, Toxins and Carcinogens Hidden in Everyday Consumer Products and Clothing


SHOCKING! FDA Approved Covid Vaccine “Bioweapon” Updates Are Discussed With Attny Todd Calendar and Dr. Lee Vliet

What If They Threw a Pandemic & Nobody Came?

Attorney Dr. Reimer Fullmich Elucidates The Mechanics Of PSYOP-19

“When the State offers and even insists on giving everybody something, you know you’re in trouble. Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leaving the individual out of the equation. Treating the population like a single Blob.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
2014 Article: https://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/vaccinations-and-the-depopulation-agenda/

GATES: “We’re going to have a hung election and a civil war.”

Death Cultists Want Everyone Drinking Their Mass Ritual Suicide Injectable Kool Aid: ‘Should I Get My Anti-Vax Friends’ Baby Vaccinated Without Telling Them?’

Defamation of the New PM of Italy Giorgia Meloni Refuted

SABOTAGE: The One World Government Is Destroying Energy Infrastructure & Food Supplies

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Encouraging Update After False Allegations

Trudeau drops COVID Vaccine Mandate because 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths have been among the Triple/Quadruple Vaccinated in the past 3 months

Dr. Jane Ruby/Todd Callendar ~ Could the Vaxxed Now Be Considered a New Gene Altered Human Species Called “Homo Borg Genesis”

COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA now found in breastmilk and details on these test results being withheld from the public

Information on the WEF (World Economic Forum) Graduates, Politicians and Members:

USA Politicians PDF:

The community of Strategic Partners comprises 100 leading companies from around the world, each selected for their commitment to improving the state of the world. The partners believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change, and work closely with the World Economic Forum to help shape industry, regional and global agendas


NEW! Documentary Trailer: The Real Anthony Fauci ~ Everyone deserves to know the truth

The world is waking up and going to the right side so the Globalists want WW3 to scare us, fleece us and distract us!

From the National Center for Biotechnology….
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.

Read More: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/

Cold and Flu Season is Upon Us! Here Are Some Great Alternative Health Protocols and Remedies To Beat the Sniffles the Healthy Way!

Vaccine Shedding, New Bivalent Vaccines More Dangerous than Previous, Various Vaccines Including Flu Contain mRNA (Part 2 Below in video description)

VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate
Vaccine Detox:

Worried about Nuclear War?

“A” Solution for the Masses Does Not Exist: Perceived Reality Is in Fact Only Theatre?

Official Government of Canada data is truly terrifying; it suggests the Triple Vaccinated have developed AIDS & are now 5.1x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated

COVID-19 News Round-up and Corruption in Science

Steve Quayle tells Mike Adams which US cities would be hit first if nuclear war breaks out

“Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework” – Part 1
WOW – this is a MUST read! The deep state is worse than I thought…

The Agenda for World Domination By the World Economic Forim (WEF)

Dr. Paul Merrick: “COVID Has Shone a Bright Light On the Absolute Corruption of Medicine and BigPharma

The data says you should never breast feed your baby after you’ve been vaccinated but the CDC says the opposite: that it will protect your baby. They are lying to you once again. They have NO risk-benefit study that was ever done. The CDC is totally irresponsible in their advice.

Blackouts, electric cars and Obama goes to the White House

Former Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore Says the Climate Change Agenda is Really About Population Control

September 11, 2001 – NEVER FORGET

Here you go Folks !! It was just a comply Test and they’re not even hiding it.
There is a new WEF article on how COVID lockdowns, social distancing, contact tracing, masks and vaccines were all a “test” to see if we will accept the “social responsibility” of “tracking personal carbon emissions”.


A box full of genetically modified mosquitos successfully vaccinated a human in a trial funded by the National Institute of Health.

This brought a tear to my eye. My brother was murdered by the deep state pharma cartel/cabal. People are still rolling up their sleeves genociding themselves and their kids…Sad times indeed

The Sound of Silenced Science ~ The Adverse Events featuring The Spike Girls

HORROR STORY: “I Died After The 3rd Moderna Booster.”

New York-Presbyterian Hospital put out this pathetic commercial to normalize myocarditis which is a serious inflammation of the heart – the damage is permanent – SICK!

Dr. Vernon Coleman ~ How and Why the Globalists Plan to Kill Billions of Innocent People

Heads Up – DO NOT Fall For This….Unless You Are Either Stupid or Suicidal…or Both
From Twitter: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD ~ Professor of Medicine/Professor of Psychiatry
“I have it from a Moderna employee who attended: the company announced in an employee seminar last week that they are developing an mRNA mega-vaxxine that combines the flu shot, covid shot, and monkeypox shot. A package deal software update for your biological operating system”.

Where do the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 come from? Here is some extra perspective. (Even Pierre Poilievre’s 2022 Conservative Party leadership campaign chair, John Baird is mentioned – he’s WEF)

New JAMA Study: mRNA Confirmed In Breast Milk! Vaccinated Mothers Also Report Green Milk, Babies Seizing & More Horrors

Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus

Dr. Rima Laibow – WHO Plans to Vaccinate Everyone with 500 New Vaccines by 2030

Government figures confirm male Teen Deaths increased by 53% in 2021 following COVID Vaccination & the Death spikes correlate with the uptake of each dose

Europe has officially recorded more Excess Deaths in 2022 than in 2020 & 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic & it’s Children & Young Adults who are dying

FACT CHECK: The World Economic Forum is a Criminal Globalist Organization That Wants to Depopulate & Control Humanity

Carol Pearce in Saskatchewan, Canada Dies Within 15 Minutes of Getting the Untested Bivalent Booster in Shoppers Drug Mart – She Was On the Phone With Her Daughter!

Dr. Vernon Coleman ~ Why And How the Conspirators Are Winning the War for Our Freedom and Our Souls

Pfizer COVID Vaccine alters your DNA according to Study
A Swedish study has demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA.


Why Is the Federal Reserve Collapsing the Economy?

Dr. Meryl Nass Talks About the Absolute INSANITY of the New Covid Boosters

Pfizer COVID Vaccine alters your DNA according to Study
A Swedish study has demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA.


The Blood Supply Is Contaminated – the same way they lied that the DEATHVAX™ would not alter DNA is how the sociopaths are pushing this latest mendacious narrative

Could Impossible Burger’s Key GMO Ingredient Cause Weight Gain, Kidney Disease in Humans? A rat-feeding study commissioned by Impossible Foods suggested the Impossible Burger’s key ingredient — genetically engineered soy leghemoglobin — caused the rats to develop unexplained changes in weight gain, changes in the blood that can indicate the onset of inflammation or kidney disease, and possible signs of anemia.

Fauci’s Net Worth Soared to $12.6 Million During Pandemic – Looks Like Murder Pays:

Fauci’s Covid Hospital Protocols are Killing People:

What’s really behind the “transgender” drive to surgically alter children?

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Legalizing Human Composting in California

Bill Gates’ ‘Magic Seeds’ Won’t Solve World Hunger But Will ‘Create Ecological Disaster’
Bill Gates is rebranding genetically engineered seeds as “magic seeds” and says they’re the answer to world hunger, but according to Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., a “failed, clumsy crude manipulation of living systems does not create ‘magical seeds.’ It creates an ecological disaster.”


Agenda2030/The Great Reset/New World Order/Green New Deal/Build Back Better/Sustainable Development ~ its all the same thing.

Kim Iversen: WEF Is Marching Us Toward a Life of Passive Obedience
Political commentator Kim Iversen, on a recent episode of “The Kim Iversen Show,” dissected “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better,” an article written in 2016 by World Economic Forum contributor Ida Auken.


POLITICO Pushes for WHO Power Grab

Max Igan Talks About the Government’s Push For the Sexualization and Brainwashing of Our Children

ADDENDUM: Why Did Wellcome Trust Fund A Research Study That Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus?

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus says his family could be “starving” or even “dead” in his home country of Ethiopia.

mRNA Vaccination of Animals Expected to Begin by the End of the Year
“All around the world countries will be launching a campaign to “vaccinate” billions of pigs, cows, goats, and sheep over a period of nine months. This massive task is an effort to “enhance the biosecurity system by improving animal immunity and eradicating epidemic diseases” Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where avoiding a toxic injection is the only threat.


The New World Order is Already Here

The Reckoning Has Begun For US Scientists, Contractors and Others Who Helped The CCP Military Do Gain-of-Function Research on Coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE Exposed: CO2 in Air Increased in 2 Centuries by 1 Molecule in 10,000

SEEDING PSYOP-22: Karine Jean-Pierre (Whitehouse spokesperson): “We have to be prepared for the next generation of vaccines… We have to be prepared for the next potential pandemic.”
Canada will also blame the massive vaccine induced deaths on climate change as well this winter….


SARS-CoV-2 is a Targeted Eugenics Bioweapon: Racial/Ethnic Variation in Nasal Gene Expression of Transmembrane Serine Protease 2 (TMPRSS2) ~ The virus was created for the DEATHVAX™, but before the later was deployed the former was not only targeting older and unhealthier demographics, but especially the black populations.

While they knew people were mourning the Queen’s death, the UK Gov. quietly published reports confirming the Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths throughout 2022 & there have been over 24k “unexplained” Excess Deaths since April

President Putin’s Address To The Russian Nation on September 21/2022
Putin will launch his mobilization as he’s had enough of the Nuclear blackmail. The West are threatening with Nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Putin also said “we are not bluffing” and we have better and more powerful weapons. Putin again states this is Special Military Operations and how he is also looking for a peaceful resolution.


Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice

The Reckoning Has Begun For US Scientists, Contractors and Others Who Helped The CCP Military Do Gain-of-Function Research on Coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

The President of the United States Sued in Federal Court for Misleading All Americans with mRNA Injections turning millions of deceived people into biological weapon factories resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries around the world.

Society is Sick: The Medicine that is Coming is Not for Improved Health

If you think they wouldn’t cover up that their COVID vaccines are killing people, you don’t know the criminal mafia running the US gov’t’s federal health agencies very well. Start learning how bad it really is by reading here:

HUGE – Situation Update, Sep 21, 2022 – Plum Island tick-based bioweapons: USDA and DoD secret research programs for mass EXTERMINATION

  • Secret bioweapons research was conducted at the Plum Island facility decades ago
  • It involved the USDA , DoD and the CIA
  • They weaponized TICKS to be dropped onto cattle populations in Cuba and Russia
  • The goal was to wipe out the food supply of enemy nations, causing collapse
  • Now those same bioweapons vectors have been turned against the American people
  • The DoD was behind covid. The USDA is dropping “rabies vaccines” from helicopters in 13 states.

Remember that list that was published by TGP of 103 food processing facilities that were burned down (most with no explanation why)? Well, this lady stuck with it and dug deeper and got others to assist in contributing. What we thought that was only around 100 over the last year and half is actually about 750!!

Undertakers in Australia Are Run Off Their Feet With the High Number of Deaths – and it’s Not Just Because of Covid

Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts, is now officially an anti-vaxxer!

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano ~ “We Must Unite To Stop the New World Order/Great Reset”

Archbishop Vigano Knows the Deep States Plans for the World!

The Fall of the Cabal is a Documentary of nearly 3 hours made by award-winning author and researcher Janet Ossebaard, about the downfall of the 1%, often referred to as the Cabal ~ A small group of people who run the world through their excessive wealth and power. People that have no clue what is going on in the world right now need to watch these!

All 10 original episodes plus the sequel can be found here – I update as soon as new episodes are released:

WEF Piece Lauds How “Billions” Across The World Complied With Lockdown Restrictions

9/16/2022 ~ Hundreds of doctors from across 34 countries have declared a medical crisis due to alleged excess disease and death related to the COVID vaccine

VAIDS Rising: COVID-19 Surge Starting In U.S. Despite Coverups. 29 States Report A Total of 98,500 New Infections And 832 Deaths In Last 24 Hours!

A New England Journal of Medicine study confirms COVID Vaccination causes new form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & takes 5 months to kill ~ the mRNA Covid-19 injections destroy the natural immune system.

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines

Geoengineering Expert Dane Wigington and David Nino Rodriguez Discuss “The Truth About Climate Change ~ the Situation is Now DIRE!

Dr. Paul E. Alexander ~ “The 6 Foot Rule Was All Made Up”. People Died and Lost Their Businesses Because of This!

CDC report admits 74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, & another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose

They almost succeeded but then Trump became President…

CDC reporting: More Than 50% of Babies, Toddlers Had ‘Systemic Reaction’ After COVID-19 Vaccine; Parents reported 6 percent (%) of young children were unable to do normal activities after second dose

Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID

A new report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada shows that the vaccines have no benefit for those under 60

The Real Covid 19 Problem and the ONLY Solution – Dr Rashid A Buttar

Transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ after receiving a vaccination against COVID-19, adding an additional challenge for the vaccinated population

The head of the CDC’s outside committee on vaccine safety does not want to see the safety data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health

Parody ~ “I Wear My Facemask in My Car” Hilarious!

Glenn Beck ~ Trudeau Is Building a 50K SF Infrastructure to House the Ministry of Climate Change Police in Winnipeg, Canada

AMERICA’S REAL HISTORY OF DEBT SLAVERY, BANKRUPTCY, AND ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW- Did Queen Elizabeth Surrender The USA Corporation Back to President Trump on July 13, 2018?

Documentaries That Include 100’s of Health Professionals Warning the Public About the Dangers of Vaccinations

2022 Documentary ~ “Uninformed Consent” – Parts 1 & 2

An in depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet. The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man’s tragic loss. Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the elite class who profit from mandates.

Documentary “Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics” by John Potash ~ Full Video Below

End of PSYOP-19 “Pandemic” is ‘in sight’ -WHO Chief (Lying Criminal)

(Not so) “Safe and Effective” ~ Politics and COVID-19/Vaccine Policy

What is Electroculture? Is This the Future of Farming? Will it Create Huge Crop Yields and Healthy Soils?

MonkeyPox FearPorn Update

Federation of State Medical Boards Attacks Physicians Over COVID ‘Misinformation’ — Who’s Behind It?

Climate Emergency Not Supported by Data, Say Four Leading Italian Scientists

The Dark Ugly Past of the UK’s New King Charles the 3rd ~ The Great Reset/Climate Crisis King

Here is The FDA’s List of Pfizer’s 1,290+ Known Adverse Side Effects for Its Experimental COVID19 “Vaccine”
Notice #152 – “Autoimmune Blistering Disease” ~ Sounds like MonkeyPox to me..


Scumbag King Charles the Turd helped organize original Great Reset meeting with World Economic Forum during COVID-19

Why You Shouldn’t Take Mainstream Media’s Latest Wave of Polio Alarmism at Face Value ~ Judging by recent news reports and government actions, public health officials are preparing us for a new epoch of polio alarmism, one that stands to serve the same purpose as the earlier waves of browbeating by media and officials — namely, to steer a frightened public toward further vaccination.

Walensky Admits CDC Gave False Information on COVID Vaccine Safety Monitoring. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a letter made public Sept. 12 acknowledged publicly for the first time that the agency gave false information about its COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring, but the letter provided no explanation.

WEF: ‘Hand Over Your Sovereignty to the Elite or Die’
Klaus Schwab’s pipsqueak, psychopath advisor Yuval Harari warned Humanity that if they refuse to hand their sovereignty over to the ‘Elite’…they will face consequences.

“The Big Reset” ~ The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic.
One year after the Covid-19 global pandemic was declared, the society in which we live has undergone great changes. Covered under the pretext of a global pandemic, we are witnessing the largest attack perpetrated in history against our fundamental rights and freedoms. Through FEAR, in just one year policies have been carried out that would seem unthinkable under normal conditions. Confinement of all people in their homes, police repression, states of alarm, absolute control of the mass media, implementation of information censorship on a planetary level, silencing of any dissident voice with disqualification campaigns, absence of debate, disinformation campaigns, use of state funds without any control, as well as the attempt of a compulsory vaccination worldwide. The purpose of this documentary is to help citizens understand what is really happening.


The Green New Deal Won’t Just Destroy the Economy ~ It will destroy the forests, ranges, fields and waters of our world.

The Truth About the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines

The Many Health Benefits of Berberine Including Fighting Cancer, Weight Loss and Diabetes

7 SCARIEST prescription medications, according to Big Pharma’s own warnings

Health Canada approves Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine for six-month-old babies ~ I guess it’s OK if you want to kill or maim your child legally…

Booster Nations ~ The Never-ending Onslaught of Covid Booster Shots

DEATHVAX™ Sports Edition: 1249 Athlete Heart Attacks, 847 Dead, Since Last Year

Why doctors aren’t speaking out ~ Written by a doctor. Everyone should read this. We are headed for a perfect storm with escalating health needs and a shortage of doctors because of how we treat them.

Keep Your Kids AWAY From Disney!
160 arrested in US human trafficking sting ~ A Disney employee, a cop, a prison guard, and two teachers were among those detained


If you really want to know what’s happening in the world, this is the one book you must read now. Alex Jones is the most censored man on the planet and you should ask yourself why that is. There is a powerful authoritarian takeover in process that is seeking to capture the entire human system and turn it into an artificial factory farm controlled system. We are in a war for the future of the world. In this book, you will hear from the world’s elites, from their own mouths, what they are planning for you and your families and you will learn what you can do to fight it.

Purchase at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BzizEb

61,000 Millennials Aged 25 to 44 Died in 2021 After COVID Vaccine Mandates – 84% Increase in Mortality Rate

Doctors, Scientists and Professionals from More than 34 Countries Declare “International Medical Crisis” due to Diseases and Deaths Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines

California Looks to Pass Nation’s First Law to Punish Doctors for COVID ‘Misinformation’

The Dark History of the Royals

The UK Government has published official figures on deaths following Covid-19 vaccination and they reveal that 1 in every 482 Covid-19 vaccinated people in England sadly died within one month of Covid-19 vaccination, 1 in every 246 Covid-19 vaccinated people in England sadly died within 60 days of Covid-19 vaccination, and 1 in every 73 Covid-19 vaccinated people were dead by May 2022.

Scientists in the U.S. and Canada, with support from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, resurrected the Spanish flu virus through reverse genetics, arguing we need to make a more dangerous version of the virus to be able to make better vaccines for it — even though the Spanish flu no longer exists in nature.

People are Dying in Massive Numbers ~ Time to Connect the Dots and Stop the Genocide. Stop Letting Them Kill You and Your Loved Ones!

In the end – the Globalists’ goal is to take and centrally control your money, your food, your energy and your life and con you into believing it’s for your own good!

PSYOP-19 Lockdown Scam: There Was Zero Science Behind The 6′ Social Distancing Guidance — It Was Made Up To Deliberately Destroy Business & Society
Dr. Paul Alexander: “I asked (CDC Director) Dr. Redfield about the Science the CDC used to make Six Feet Social Distancing Rules etc… ”He said there is no Science, We Made it Up”


Young Adults Dying in Record Numbers, but Not From COVID

1,000 Athletes Collapsing, Dying, Heart Problems, Blood Clots – March 2021 To June 2022

The Girl Boss Fades; the Eternal Feminine Rises ~ by Elizabeth Nickson

Patriot Derek Johnson and Nicholas Veniamon Discuss Trump’s Law & Order, EO’s and the Take Down of the Cabal and proof that Trump is still President

The WEF King ascends to the British throne ~ Charles is a king for our times, in the worst way imaginable.

“No Extreme Scenario Should Be Taken off the Table” – Klaus Schwab ~ I read Klaus Schwab and Alex Jones on The Great Reset so you don’t have to.

What is Happening? Why Are So Many Athletes Dying? What is SADS? Nothing to See Here Folks….Move Along

(1995) Dr. Pierre Gilbert Says Vaccines Containing Liquid Crystals Will Turn Recipients Into Zombies

Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%, peer-reviewed study finds

Buy Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Budesonide Available Online:

Where Canadians May Be Able to Purchase Ivermectin/Hydroxychloroquine and Budesonide:


Israeli Government Lied and Covered Up Long-Lasting Harmful Effects of Covid Injections and Corporate Media Refuses to Cover the Story

MUST WATCH: ‘Do You Think This is Fair?’ – Moderna CEO and AstraZeneca Official Reveal Shocking Secrets to COVID Vaccines After Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș Grills Them

Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time
Here’s what silenced healthcare workers from all over the world want you to know and why they aren’t able to speak out directly.


Greg Hunter and Dr. David Martin Discuss the Possibility of 700 Million People Dead by 2028 from the Covid Vaccine

“Ivermectin: The Truth” ~ A short film by Mikki Willis and featuring Doctors Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone. The scientists who discovered it for human use won the Noble prize for their discovery…

Documentary (1967) ~ The ILLUMINATI Became the Instrument of the House of Rothschild to Achieve a “One World Government”
Truth teller Myron Fagan tries to warn the world in 1967 about the very group trying to use poison and mind control to make us destroy ourselves today. There have been truth tellers throughout the ages trying to warn the public about this evil and murderous group. This death cult is very old.

Not only did the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) coordinate with Mark Zuckerberg to censor reports on Biden family crimes in the leadup to the 2020 election, but the pre-appointed Biden regime also coordinated with Facebook and Twitter to censor individuals who posted about crimes committed by the CDC and Anthony Fauci. This vast censorship enterprise included at least 45 identified federal employees. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and the Office of the Surgeon General were all involved.

WEF Puppet Trudeau Says Restrictions & Mandates Will Be Reimposed In Canada This Fall & Winter If A 90% 3x Vaccine Compliance Target Is Not Met

(Deep Fake Video): Justin Trudeau reads “How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom” Hilarious! A classic piece of Canadian literature, written by Derek Smith, illustrated by Kaede Knipe, and poorly narrated by Mike Jones. Video Mirrored from “Mike Jones Knife & Tool on Youtube

The Newborns Are Not Alright: Billions Of Babies Will Inherit Spike Protein Genes

Reese Report ~ The Covid-19 Vaccines Violate All 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code

Studies show that COVID vaccines cause BLOOD DAMAGE

More Than 1,000 Reports of Adverse Events After COVID-19 Vaccination in Children 5 and Younger, CDC Data Shows

Dane Wigington Exposes the Globalist Geoengineering Weather Control Agenda to Destroy the Population and the Planet

FUN FACT: Most People think that Zuckerberg created Facebook, he did not. He is just the face of Facebook:

Dr. Chris Allen Shoemaker (Canadian) Tells the Truth About the Deadly Covid Vaccines

Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up

Swedish Scientist Says Humans Should Be ‘Tricked’ Into Cannibalism To ‘Fight Climate Change’

Greg Hunter and Dr. Pierre Kory Discuss the Mass Casualties Happening Now With the Covid-19 Vaccine

Nanoparticles In The mRNA Vaccine Change The Immune System Finds New Study

THE NEXT VAX: Big Pharma pushing to release ANOTHER mRNA “vaccine,” this one for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)

New Ivermectin study shows 92% lower chance of COVID death

Canada Govt DELETES Thousands Of Reported Adverse Events Of Special Interest Pertaining To Hearts, CNS & Autoimmune Disorders

World Economic Forum Official Says Canada Has Bigger Issues to Discuss Than What He Thinks Are Conspiracy Theories

Mega-Moron Justin Trudeau Slammed After Blaming Anxiety Over “Climate Change” For the Rise in Threats to Politicians

More News Info: www.RealTruthRealNews.com
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