Random World and Health News Updates For March 2023

Do You Want to Know the Details of the Covid vaccine you or a loved one received? Check out the “How Bad is My Batch” Website:
https://howbadismybatch.com/ (top left corner).
Covid Vaccine Detox: www.DiamondzDetox.com

Article and more info on the “How Bad is My Batch” website:

Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS)

Current VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) Data – Represents Between 1 – 10% of Actual Numbers Reported
Canadian Adverse Event Report System
CAERS is collecting data from individuals who perceive that they have experienced an Adverse Event (AE) related to their inoculation with a COVID ‘vaccine’.
December 21/2022 Article: A ‘Cover-Up of Evidence of Mass Murder’: The CDC Appears to Be Removing VAERS Records
Something strange is going on with the VAERS system. Reports that were present three months ago are now inexplicably missing. And fewer than 4% of adverse events recorded in V-Safe have made their way to VAERS. This is the CDC’s database; Dr. Rochelle Walensky is in charge of it. And the agency’s failure to properly manage VAERS is suppressing the already-alarming safety signal of the Covid-19 shots.
Here Are the 9 Pages That Pfizer Was Forced to Release With Around 1300 Side Effects/Adverse Reactions From Their Covid “Vaccine”

Here are the Pfizer papers they wanted to hide for 75 years but a judge ordered them to release them immediately.
“Hot Lots” ~ Some Batches of Vaccines Were Made to Be Deadlier Than Others
Vaccines are manufactured in large batches called lots. What he discovered was that the vaccines are divided into over 20,000 lots and that one out of every 200 of these batches (lots) is demonstrably deadly to anyone who receives a vaccine from that lot, which includes thousands of vaccine doses.

The “How Bad is My Batch” website displays the number of deaths and disabilities associated with each batch/lot number of the Covid injection and indicates the relative toxicity of one batch/lot compared to another. The area to type in your lot number is at the top left of the page.

It’s not known just yet as to the reason why some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions (up to 50 x) however, the truth is coming out now so please do your due dilligence. [“Batch-code” = “Lot Number” = the number they write on your vaccination card.

Takes you to this page – just type in your Lot/Batch number: https://knollfrank.github.io/HowBadIsMyBatch/batchCodeTable.html
AUDIO and Article: Why You Shouldn’t Take the Vaccine – If someone you know is planning on taking a COVID-19 vaccine, here is why they shouldn’t do it, in a nutshell.
Support Network For Those Who Have Been Killed by Hospital Protocols: https://www.protocolkills.com/
Covid Vaccine Detox Remedies, Protocols and Products: https://diamondzultimatehealth.wordpress.com/2022/06/09/hello-world/

BOMBSHELL: Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report
Ed Dowd released his latest DEATHVAX™ data, and it is quite grim. The below is most likely far too conservative:


The Banality of VAERS ~ Revealing New FOIA’d Reports from VAERS Contractor General Dynamics

EDTA Detoxifies Vaccine Heavy Metals, Graphene, Hydrogels, Parasites, Nano Particles, Mercury and Does So Much More!

Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to Unvaccinated”; yes, vaccinated sheds to unvaccinated (via mRNA naked, in nano-particles, in exosomes, same with spike) Yes, what we felt was one of the gravest nightmares is happening, the vaccinated are and can shed mRNA SAME with spike to those unvaccinated; excreted in sweat, sputum, breast milk, placental barrier

How Some COVID Vaccines Were Intentionally Manufactured To Be More Dangerous Than Others

More Vaccines -> Higher infant mortality
This has now been confirmed and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. The medical community will ignore it because that’s how science works: they ignore everything counter-narrative.


Iceland leading all of Europe in excess mortality; Philippines sees record high in excess deaths ~ Still more statistical evidence that grimly reconfirms what our (and others’) “died suddenly” compilations have been making all too clear week after week

COVID-19 vaccinated high school children are having cardiac arrests, heart attacks while playing sports – plus 31 shocking VAERS reports, some of them fatal

FDA and CDC Assertions in Doubling Down on COVID-19 Vaccination.
Why are the government agencies still pushing COVID-19 vaccination after there have been calls in the US Senate and all around the world to pull them off the market for lack of safety and efficacy?


The Mainstream Media are Corrupt Propagandists Whose Goal is to Deceive and Control the People For the Criminal Globalists

Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

Worldwide COVID litigation lawyer directory. Please register here if you provide legal services to people who have been harmed by proponents of “safe and effective” narrative.

The fiercest vaccine advocates are starting to admit the truth about the mRNAs.

“DNA contamination in 8 vials of Pfizer monovalent mRNA vaccines”

Grow and eat your own vaccines? Grant enables study of plants as mRNA factories

A press release issued jointly by Andrew Bridgen MP and Dr Richard M Fleming.
8:21 AM · Mar 13, 2023

Nanoparticle Contamination Cover Up – Important Interview with Dan Wigington – 40 Million Tons of Metal Nanoparticles And Graphene Oxide Are Being Sprayed Worldwide – Humans Are Inhaling It
Graphine Oxide Detox: https://therealtruthnetworkcom.wordpress.com/2022/04/09/what-is-graphene-oxide-and-why-is-it-in-the-jab/

Dr. Ute Krüger, a breast cancer specialist, noticed since the vaccines:

EX CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Exposes the Shadow Government ~ A Mind Blowing History of the Globalist Elite Cabal

‘The Extinction of the Human Brain’ ~ The human brain is becoming so unnecessary that it risks becoming extinct; our cellular devices do our remembering, calculating and even our thinking for us.

Great New Article from Clif High – Check it Out! FYI – [KM] = Khazarian Mafia
When Clif mentions the vaxxine injured in the article he explains it in this short video:

Billionaire hedge fund donors are cancelling the bank accounts of MAGA conservatives. Are we next?

Did the UK Government kill 20,000 elderly patients with Midazolam + Morphine and make false claims that C19 had a case fatality rate of 26% in early 2020?

Dr. Fauci’s Covid Hospital Protocols are Killing THOUSANDS

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, February 20-February 27, 2023

New peer-reviewed study: >217,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines in just the first year alone! And it also turns out that serious adverse events were ~5X higher than what Pfizer reported in their Phase 3 trial. But it’s OK because they are immune from prosecution.

The global surveillance state will be here in a year – the next step happens soon (Pandemic Treaty) ~ “The WHO is attempting to push through these increased surveillance powers via an international pandemic treaty that will impose legally binding conditions on its 194 member states (which represent 98% of the world’s countries) if finalized.”

Interesting Article By Clif High as it Pertains to Zelensky/Ukraine:
Mao made China Sick. He gave all of China a disease. The Disease is called FDIA. Here is an AI generated description of it. FDIA stands for Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another, which is also known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It is a mental health condition in which a caregiver intentionally causes or fabricates illness or injury in another person, typically a child, in order to gain attention, sympathy, or admiration for themselves.


Zelenskyy Publicly Endorses Neo-Nazi troops into his Forces

Trudeau gov’t to fund $75k of trans surgeries for each federal employee

LA Times: ‘We NEVER Had Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Worked Like Vaccines.’ ~ mRNA technology injections are quickly approaching their day of reckoning as left-leaning media outlets turn their backs on the false ‘safe and effective vaccine’ narrative with hard-hitting punches.

Pilots and flight attendants who recently had cardiac arrests in-flight and “died suddenly” ~ There has been an increasing number of stories of pilots and flight attendants suffering cardiac arrests and sudden deaths in-flight, and here are some that made it into mainstream media:

Top 10 myths told by covid “experts” that are now completely debunked

WHO “treaty” to assert global medical DICTATORSHIP over all nations and states
Video: https://www.brighteon.com/2f54f797-1234-4445-9c21-cb15f990e797

COLLUSION: Merck, Big Pharma trying to kill off all generic Ivermectin production because it’s cutting into profits

David Martin Uncovers The Continuing Coverups & Politicized Misdirects: “Transparently Hiding…Again”. The Wuhan Institute of Virology was not merely funded by the CCP, but was for all intents and purposes created by the CIA, DoD, Pentagon, BigPharma and Fauci’s network of tax theft agencies and institutes.

Frequencies, Part 1: Was Einstein Right About the Future of Medicine?

The first in a two-part series on frequencies explains the intimate relationship between electromagnetism and life and suggests we should question the ever-greater reliance humans have on wireless information and communication systems and the electrosmog they create.


NBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers By Telling The Truth

Woody Harrelson Doubles Down, Slams COVID Mandates: US Is “Not A Free Country”

March 3/2023 ~ NATO/Biden really poking the bear now, they want WW3
Cross-Border ‘Terror Attack’ On Russia Involved Dozens Of Armed Saboteurs Attacking Villages. The Kremlin has condemned what it called a new terrorist attack on its soil Thursday carried out by Ukrainian saboteurs who allegedly breached a border region.


H5N1 avian influenza – what you need to know – wild rumors and a look beyond the usual propaganda. It looks like there is a concerted effort underway to prepare the public for a “new pandemic”

Dr. William Makis Talks With DeAnna Lorraine on Stew Peters Network: Turbo Cancers are on the rise in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated, Neurological injuries, mental health issues, change in behavior in family members.
They discuss why rapid (turbo) cancers are rising in young COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated individuals, what may be causing them, and why we are seeing a rise in all sorts of neurological injuries (blindness, hearing problems, tinnitus, paralysis, movement disorders, seizures, brain fog, migraines) and mental health issues after COVID-19 vaccination, including family members reporting changes in behavior in their COVID-19 vaccinated loved ones, erratic driving, increase in anger and other unusual behaviors. They also discuss a 53% rise in Canadian physician mortality in 2022 compared to 2019, a 900% increase in the deaths of young Canadian doctors under age 30 and an increase in rapid (turbo) cancers among young 4x or 5x-vaccinated doctors that claim their lives in less than a year.
Maximum Punishment – NO Mercy

New Studies Deliver Harsh Verdicts on Mask Mandates, Vaccine Mandates for U.S. Cities ~ Two new studies on the effectiveness of mask mandates and city-level COVID-19 vaccine mandates concluded the policies failed to achieve their promised objectives. The study on vaccine mandates found the mandates caused economic harm.

‘Worst Public Health Mistakes in History,’ Witness Tells COVID Pandemic Oversight Committee

CDC Advisers Tout RSV Vaccines as FDA Admits Shots Linked to Rare Immune Disorder in Older Adults

200 Million Americans at ‘Regular Risk’ of Chemical Disasters Like the Train Wreck in Ohio
An analysis of data collected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and nonprofit groups that track chemical accidents in the U.S. shows accidental releases — through train derailments, truck crashes, pipeline ruptures or industrial plant leaks and spills — occur as frequently as every two days.


Massive Traitor and Obama Lap Poodle Samantha Power Lets Slip The US Is At War With Russia, But “Ukrainians Doing The Fighting”

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Florida Health Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, who as the founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is “wanted in connection with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a number which cannot be estimated at present and is certain to increase exponentially in time.”

I don’t know how accurate or true this is but it sounds like what’s happening now…

The Defense Department Controls COVID-19 ~ Shocking but incontrovertible new data

US Department of Defense Conspired With BigPharma to Execute the COVID Vaccine Genocide Worldwide

Aspen Institute’s Censorship Commission ~ Katie Couric, Prince Harry, et al. recommended restrictions on free speech

Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts

Parents blame occultic Ouija board after dozens of students hospitalized for ‘anxiety’

“The Dimming” Documentary ~ Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-Up.

“Global climate engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by GeoengineeringWatch.org has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told. Over 75 years ago global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return. The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planet’s life support systems. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing geoengineering operations is also inflicting unquantifiable damage to human health. Why aren’t scientists or official sources disclosing the ongoing climate engineering operations? Who is responsible for carrying out these programs? What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed to continue? The Dimming documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more.

Lots of truth tellers are coming forward after CPAC and Lots of grifters & saboteurs are being exposed.

Why the Body Attacks Itself after COVID-19 Vaccination

The VIP elite is in a panic as the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for ‘crimes against humanity’ become a reality

America’ COVID Response Was Based on Lies | Opinion

It’s Mind Boggling…

Young people who suffered blood clots and amputations after COVID-19 vaccination are being lied to, and media uses them to lie to us

Monster Twitter thread detailing the role Gates et al have played in causing death and misery across the globe PLUS the intention to cause even more
BILL GATES CRIMES: U.S. patents show CDC ownership of Coronavirus. Both China and the U.S. involved in the creation of Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. Gates and CCP controlled WHO appoints criminal Tedros. CDC, FDA, CIA, NIH, Gates, Fauci, Baric, Rockefeller are all involved in Federal Crimes.
Massive Info Here:

POS Mass Murderer Matt Hancock discussed ‘deploying’ new virus variant to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ as former Health Secretary demands immunity on care home deaths during the pandemic. What a colossal ahole.

Pfizer Is Being Sued for $3T For False Claims About COVID “Vaccines”
Lawyer Robert Barnes recently had an impressive legal win over the USDA on behalf of an Amish farmer in an important “food freedom” case. He now sets his sights on one of the most criminal corporations in history


Latest Horseshit Fake News Alert!
H5N1 – Governments globally preparing the next “vaccination” roll-out for a soon to be named “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” – aka a global pandemic


Pfizer Pays John Legend To Shill Jab To Kids & Has To Turn Off Comments
FYI – Jon Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen were frequent fliers to Epstein Island.

Another Clinton associate dies suddenly from plane turbulence. No one else injured on flight. Dana Hyde, Clinton associate, has suddenly died from, get this: Plane turbulence. Absolutely nothing to see here.

Enemy of the State ~ by Scott Ritter
When NBC reporter Keir Simmons, a citizen of the United Kingdom, accepted his assignment to travel to Crimea for the purpose of covering the impact of the Ukrainian conflict on the local population, I would imagine that the last thing on his mind was that fulfilling his journalistic duties would garner him a spot on the Ukrainian intelligence service’s (SBU) Myrotvorets “hit list.”


How “HIV/AIDS” foretold the “COVID” crisis ~ As Dr. Fauci engineered his lethal “HIV/AIDS” scam – laying the groundwork for the “COVID” horror to come—Celia Farber was there covering it; and now her book about that episode is back in print
Book: https://amzn.to/3F1v7Wc

🎯💥 Dr. David Martin Talks About the Timeline of Events and History of The Global COVID-19 SCAMdemic and Perpetrators Involved. TONS of great information links in the video description…

Dr. David Martin Reveals the Creation of the Covid Virus, Who Was Involved and Why Ron Johnson or Rand Paul Won’t Arrest The Criminals
“When do we deploy the new variant? We frighten the pants of everyone.” – British Government

Matt Hancock Revelations ~ A few leaked WhatsApp convos have social media and the press buzzing; who does he really work for?

Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth forced to make emergency landing as First Officer suffered heart attack 30 minutes after departure on March 3, 2023

What Does Eugenicist Bill Gates and His Globalist Puppet Masters Have Planned For the NEXT Pandemic?

Bioweapons criminal: Anthony Fauci bought off top-level scientists to cover up lab origins of covid-19

Probiotics For Happy and Healthy Dogs!

COVID-19 vaccine induced psychosis – 13 cases of post vaccine psychosis, mania & suicide attempts that will shock you…

March 8/2023 ~ Watch: At the Covid origin subcommittee, Robert Redfield, former CDC Director from 2018-2021, testifies at the opening statements.

BREAKING: Pfizer Inc & US Food & Drug Administration Named in NY Supreme Court Lawsuit ~ British/Swiss international banker, Pascal Najadi, is pulling no stops. Committed to taking down Big Pharma, US criminals, and the WHO for Crimes Against Humanity.

Attorney Tom Renz Says He’s Never Taking Another Vaccine Again Because They are ALL Going to Contain the mRNA Poison – Including For Pets

Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans
Some people are still under the impression that the Rockefeller Foundation is all about philanthropy: helping people and saving lives. In reality, the Rockefellers have been one of the largest financial backers and drivers of the eugenics and the depopulation agenda for over a century now.


In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, February 27-March 6, 2023

Gen Z Mental Health Hurt by Climate Change, Says Report That Was Obviously Written By an Idiot. We Are Witnessing the Planned Dumbing Down of the Younger Generations

Dr. Redfield’s Bombshell Testimony ~ While crickets chirped, the bus just ran over Fauci

Dr L. Maria Gutschi ~ Quality Issues with mRNA Covid Vaccine Production/The Products Should Be Recalled

Game Over: FDIC Shutters Silicon Valley Bank, Appoints Receiver

300 Billion Reasons Why SVB Contagion Is Spreading To The Broader Banking System

Four biggest US Banks Lost $52 BILLION in Valuation Today as Dow drops 540 points

Listen Up Canada! USA’s Lieutenant Rogers Gives an Important Update Regarding Canada’s Censorship Bill C-11. I put his social media and website links in the video description area. Please Share!

U.S. government using DEEPFAKES to wage psychological war on the public
Federal contracting documents reviewed by The Intercept show that U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is ramping up its efforts to unleash internet propaganda and other deception campaigns online using deepfake videos. The entity responsible for some of America’s most secretive military operations, SOCOM is also gearing up to hack people’s internet-connected devices in order to eavesdrop on how they respond to said propaganda – will they believe the deepfakes are real?


How Al Gore has made $330m with climate alarmism:
Former VP made a fortune after losing to George W when he set up a green investment firm now worth $36BN that pays him $2m a month… as he warns about ‘rain bombs’ and ‘boiling oceans’


Media didn’t disclose doctor’s $2M in Pfizer funding in coverage promoting child vaccination.
Several of Canada’s largest legacy media companies failed to reveal nearly $2 million worth of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals funding that a leading pediatrics professor from Alberta has received while pushing for vaccination of 5 to 11 year olds.


The WHO database shows Covid-19 vaccines have significantly higher adverse event reports compared to other vaccines.

Judicial Watch: Former NIH Director Francis Collins Emails Reveal British Physicians and Scientists Group Recommended Ivermectin for Preventions and Treatment of COVID-19

J6 footage will show the extent of the criminality of Nancy Pelosi, the “Kangaroo Court” of the fabricated “show trial” of the J6 committee, Capitol police, prosecutors, juries and judges

“Unless the USA withdraws from the W.H.O., we will be bound by whatever a majority of its members agree upon, to the detriment of our national sovereignty and personal freedoms.”

If you disliked the way you and our country were treated in response to the COVID pandemic, you are going to hate what those who perpetrated the mask, lockdown and vaccine mandates intend to do to us next. The World Health Organization (WHO), led by its Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Chinese Communist Party that controls them, and the Biden administration are negotiating agreements that would allow Tedros to dictate public health policy in the United States and globally.
The WHO would accomplish this via one or both of two instruments that would oblige the U.S. and other parties to the WHO to submit to whatever the organization’s Director-General deems to be an actual or prospective “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC). Ditto whatever he determines is the appropriate response. Such PHEICs can include perceived emergencies other than pandemics, perhaps including: gun violence; insufficient abortion services; excess use of fossil fuels; inadequate accommodations for illegal aliens, climate change or even “crises” involving plants or animals.

Interesting Article on Dr. Robert Malone
Malone’s Big DOMANE Lie Is Crashing Silicon Valley Speculators Who Believe In Bio-AI. ~ Machines Spitting Out Vaccines Was A Lie, And It Is Going To Crash A Few Silicon Valley Banks


America’s Long, Expensive, and Deadly Love Affair with mRNA ~ US Government Spends $31.9B to Develop Failed Products over Three Decades

Leaked CONFIDENTIAL Document Shows Pfizer Stole Government Property ~ Internal research document details how Pfizer ‘invented’ the mRNA P2-S spike protein. Moderna can charge Pfizer with perjury for falsely claiming to be inventors of this NIH mRNA technology.

Healthcare worker deaths from COVID-19 vaccines will be covered up – the tragic case of a 31 year old New Zealand nurse who died 4 days after her COVID-19 booster shot

Here’s his Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/ABridgen

Wells Fargo Glitch Causes Customers’ Money to Disappear, Leaving Negative Balances

A newly released report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service urges policy-makers and the technology industry to consider steps that can be taken to address and ease the emerging security threat before “smart city” platforms are widely adopted. The CSIS report, prepared in 2021, was only recently released to The Canadian Press in response to an access-to-information request filed in October of that year. While the integration of technological innovations and data can make processes more efficient, it can also introduce security risks, CSIS warns.

Pfizer Trade Secret: COVID-19 mRNA Injections are Formulated with Graphene Oxide ~ Pfizer knew that no one would agree to being injected with electronic nanotechnology devices, so they lied to us. Pfizer’s document states that their COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide.
Graphene Oxide Detox:

Dr. David Martin Uncovers Groundbreaking Information Regarding the Actual Origins of COVID-19.

How Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Make a Killing Off the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Warren Buffett’s vertically integrated investments in the production of high fructose corn syrup — a key ingredient in highly processed foods and contributor to obesity in kids — generates massive profits for himself and Bill Gates.


‘No Doubt’ Fauci Funded Gain-of-Function Research That Likely Led to Pandemic, Former CDC Director Tells Lawmakers ~ Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Wednesday said he has “no doubt” the National Institutes of Health and Dr. Anthony Fauci funded gain-of-function research that likely resulted in the creation of COVID-19 and its subsequent leak.

What’s going on with Silicon Valley Bank? Here’s what I think ~ Tierney’s Real News

With big banks going under, CBDC’s can’t be far behind—and if we don’t STOP them, “lockdown” will be total, and eternal, for us all ~ Once the economy has melted down, CBDC’s will be proffered as the ONLY way we can get “back to normal”—a “cure” that will turn out to be as catastrophic, in their way, as those “vaccines”

And they Want Biden to Bail Them Out..
The Employees of Silicon Valley Bank Were Given Annual Bonuses Hours Before the Bank Was Taken Over by Regulators


Why isn’t the CDC warning parents that masking their kids creates unacceptably high levels of CO2? Del Bigtree was right. The CO2 levels in masks worn by kids rises to over 13,000 ppm. This is above the normal 1,000 ppm level, and significantly above the 2,000 acceptable level. The CDC is silent.

Pfizer, Bioweapons and US Pathogen Experiments Exposed by the Russian Military. Russian General Credits Project Veritas, Karen Kingston and the Stew Peters Show For Their Work on Exposing Pfizer

Toilet Paper a ‘Significant Source’ of Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Wastewater ~ Researchers who tested 21 brands of toilet paper and found “forever chemicals” in all of them said the findings should raise public health concerns because wastewater and its by-products are frequently spread on agricultural fields to help grow crops.

How the UN and WEF Agenda Came to Alberta and Canada

Proposed legislation in Montana would ban vaccinated people from donating blood

World-Renowned Doctors Wreak Havoc on COVID Narrative in Major Roundtable Discussion

First child death due to Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine compensated – Taiwanese girl 5-11 years old died after 2nd Pfizer jab – government awarded $115,000 to family

Medical Journalist Jane Burgermeister Warns About the Globalists Vaccine Agenda and World Takeover by the UN/WEF. 2009 Video But it is Happening NOW!

The Defense Department Controls COVID-19 ~ Shocking but incontrovertible new data

US Department of Defense Conspired With BigPharma to Execute the COVID Vaccine Genocide Worldwide

United Airlines Flight 2007 GUA-ORD from Guatemala to Chicago diverted on March.11, 2023 due to “incapacitated pilot” who had chest pains – now 3rd pilot incident this month

A parasitological evaluation of edible insects and their role in the transmission of parasitic diseases to humans and animals

First-Ever Official Apology for COVID Vaccine Mandates ~ A Powerful, Sincere and Emotional Apology Worth Watching

Pfizer just bought a cancer treatment company for $43 billion – create the problem, offer a solution ~ DO NOT touch anything Pfizer produces if you want to live!

VAERS Guinness World Throttling Record! Today 3/31/2023

Another week, another 130 Americans reported dead to VAERS (v 71 last week) amongst 1,667 adverse events (v 1,909 last week)

Kimmel has been to Epstein Island

‘Classified’ documents behind Russian Sputnik vaccine posted online

Three Chinese pharma companies had 240 million in uninsured deposits with SVB

How do you know when you’re being conned? Here’s a classic example of clever propaganda…

“Justice for All” — A Recording by President Donald J. Trump and the J6 Prison Choir

Letter to FAA Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup from Sierra Lund ~ Pilot Sierra became injured after receiving the Covid-19 injection, at the age of 23

“Turbo Cancer” Comes For The Vaccinated ~ Why are aggressive cancers up 20% among young people around the world?

Bombshell from Germany’s Federal Minister of Health – Admits Severe COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Injuries Have Always Exceeded What Canada Deemed to be Program-Ending!

NDP campaigners laugh off Calgary woman whose two sons died of “vaccination”

The Creature from Jekyll Island ~ Compilation of a thread on the Federal Reserve Slave system designed to control the masses and enrich the cabal.
Substack Article: https://pepelivesmatter.substack.com/p/the-creature-from-jekyll-island
The Book is at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Je7haX

Michael Hudson in 2015 explains the strategy behind the US funding of the Nazis in Ukraine. This is the American strategy: choke economically competing countries and wage dirty proxy wars on them by any means necessary. The unipolar American hegemony is the only way.
Full 2015 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E-EoOkLF_g

“When do we deploy the new variant? Leaked WhatsApp messages reveal UK’s psycho clown show (Matt Hancock)

Alberta, Canada is now giving COVID-19 vaccines to minors without parental consent – doctors are now a hazard to your child’s health

XFL Trainer Ben Siegfried Dies At Team Hotel At Age 22

Tracking The Unvaccinated: Canada’s Branch Of WHO is Hiring for the Centre for Immunization Surveillance ~ Worlds puppet governments are gearing up for the next phase of the End Game

Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office

March Madness begins as Rockefeller/Biden horror show implodes

The Cancer/Parasite Connection and Treatments Including Detox Treatments:

Covid Vaccine and Graphene Oxide Detox

Great Article: The Great Pipe Dream…Citizens, Everywhere, Arise!

Exclusive documents reveal consistent communication between the Liberals’ finance ministry and the World Economic Forum following Chrystia Freeland’s appointment as finance minister

Dear Congress: Ignoring Pfizer’s Bioweapon Crimes Doesn’t Make Them Go Away, it Makes the United States Complicit in Biowarfare ~ Congress is being told the mRNA injections are ‘gene-editing therapies.’ They’re not.They’re bioweapons. USA will be complicit in war crimes if we don’t criminally prosecute Pfizer immediately.

Pro-life doctor: Canada’s assisted suicide regime ‘victimizes’ people into ‘wanting to die’

Russian Military Acquired More Than 20,000 Documents from US Biolab Programs
Russia states it’s extremely important to disclose facts that reveal illegal US military and biological programs. Nations should consider possible consequences of their biosafety cooperation with US


Pfizer, Bioweapons and US Pathogen Experiments Exposed by the Russian Military. Russian General Credits Project Veritas, Karen Kingston and the Stew Peters Show For Their Work on Exposing Pfizer

Silicon Valley Bank and the Jeffrey Epstein Connection ~ Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Will Be the End of Financial Freedom

The Mother WEFfers are Losing ~ The Enemy’s Plan by Clif High

FDA Approves FOURTH Covid Shot For Babies ~ A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR Covid Shots for “Best Protection”. The Cult of Moloch is alive and well inside the FDA which, once again, proves it has no legal, moral, ethical, medical or scientific compass. It is simply evil.

I get it, lay off the poison for awhile before people get suspicious of all the people DroppingSuddenly. Doesn’t matter, we have created a new scamdemic anyway and it will be on it’s way soon with NEW jabs. Not only that, we’re putting the mRNA into every vaxxine on the planet including pet and children’s jabs. Oh, plus we’re going to inject all poultry and livestock with it too….we’re good.

COVID virus did not kill most people! No no no, many deaths were due to the delayed treatment due to all beds blocked for COVID patients; but MOST deaths were due to medical treatment/abuse of people ~ It’s what we did to vulnerable people, sick people that killed them e.g. false COVID diagnosis, isolation, dehydration, sedation (midazolam/morphine), DNR, no antibiotics, Remdesivir, ventilation

Why is Ontario suspending so many licenses?
There are indeed medical reasons that require your driver’s licence to be suspended. But there are a host of other issues, everything from depression to cold sores, that have been cited as medical reasons in licence suspensions in Ontario. What’s happening here?


Geoengineering: Romanian General Emil Strainu on the Terrifying Possibilities of Geo-warfare ~ HAARP Is a Weapon of Economic Kill

Dogs bring immense joy to our lives as loyal companions. Yet, their anxiety can lead to undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking and whining, destructive behavior, or changes in eating habits. Dog parents need to identify potential triggers of these reactions and seek professional help from dog trainers so that the underlying issues may be addressed appropriately and effective strategies implemented for promoting happiness. Natural supplements like L-Theanine, Lavender Extracts, and Chamomile are beneficial in relieving stress due to canine anxieties.
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NY Gov. Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camps ~ Last hour appeal to retain her “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”

Operation Prison Camp ~ What the frickety-frack is happening in America’s glorious Interior?

Canadian Crime Minister Justurd Castreau Jr. appoints “family friend” to investigate Chinese election interference

Massive heart attack in PILOT Virgin Australia Taken ill Just 30 Minutes After Takeoff, Prompting Emergency Landing; incident occurred on 3rd March resulted in Airbus A320 being forced to return to ~ Adelaide, where emergency responders were waiting to transport the sick pilot to the hospital; incapacitated after suffering a heart attack; but airlines want us to accept ONE pilot now, NO co-pilot?

New Study: 436 BILLION Spike Proteins Found in the Blood of Kids 30 Days After The Shot ~ A new study finds: the COVID “vaccines” are causing fatal myocarditis in children

Japan sees major push back against big pharma and corrupt Japanese health officials who are covering up COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries and deaths – highest excess deaths now since WWII

The Banality of Evil ~ On the COVIDcrisis and the Limits of Empire

Feb 21/2023 ~ Vladimir Putin delivered his Address to the Federal Assembly. The ceremony took place in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.

Nanotechnology Used By Military For C19 Vaccine: A spike-ferritin nanoparticle vaccine induces robust innate immune activity and drives polyfunctional SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells

All the World’s a Stage for Soros ~ He’s one of the earliest supporters of the WEF and worked hard to establish the European Union. But who is George Soros and what is he up to now?

This website covers an extensive list of other bible prophecies coming to pass indicating the end of the age and Jesus’ second coming, a time foretold to be filled with various and increasing calamities, plagues, moral decline, and growing governmental control, including what is called the mark of the beast 666, a physical mark/passport of some sort that will be required/mandated to buy or sell.

Nanotechnology Used By Military For C19 Vaccine: A spike-ferritin nanoparticle vaccine induces robust innate immune activity and drives polyfunctional SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells

The Biden Crime Family are the Biggest, Most Corrupt and Treasonous Gangsters of All Time

Geoengineered Transhumanism – Weaponized Environment, Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Connection to C19 shots

WEF Unveils Technology That Allows the Elite To Arrest Citizens for ‘Wrongthink’

Why is Pfizer Terrified of this Woman?

🧵 Great Moderna Twitter thread ~ Do you really want to know who makes those Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines? If you were among the millions that lined up for one. You should know some facts. Or be ignorant. Either way this is getting posted!

Canadian pilot suffered a heart attack – Oct.9, 2021 plane crash killed pilot & badly injured passenger – pilot’s recent medical had been done “virtually” due to COVID restrictions

The X-Files and “Predictive Programming” ~ Clips From This 2016 Episode Talks About a Pandemic, Altered DNA, mRNA Tech and Spike Proteins

Trans women can’t get cervical cancer, because no trans woman has a cervix (except in Canada?). Dr. Byram Bridle wants to know how a trans woman can get screened for cancer of the cervix, since no trans woman has a cervix (just as, say, no trans man has a prostate gland)

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, March 6-March 13, 2023

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in Canada, March 6-March 13, 2023

COVID-19 vaccine injuries – ear and labyrinth disorders – tinnitus, vertigo, ear pain, hearing problems, deafness

Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017. Both were filed and updated years ago, but they were SCHEDULED to be made public in September 2020. This is sufficient evidence that they knew in 2015 what’s going to happen in September 2020!Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017. Both were filed and updated years ago, but they were SCHEDULED to be made public in September 2020. This is sufficient evidence that they knew in 2015 what’s going to happen in September 2020! First Registration: Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2015

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant against Putin – silent on the deaths of millions from C19 mRNA injections, Gain of Function research by the US and child trafficking via Mexico

Regarding recently circulated “Pfizer evidence of graphene oxide” in the injections

Dear Australian politicians and doctors, it’s time to come clean.

The CDC’s Vaccine “Misinformation” List
One of the most important findings of the Twitter Files was an email from Stanford’s Virality Project (the favored “disinformation experts” of the Biden White House, the CDC, and the US Surgeon General), which discussed the potential removal of “True content which might promote vaccine hesitancy.”


Listen to how this WEF cult, lead by Soros, Schwab, Gates and others pick it’s young global leaders aka young communists – then they put them in important positions around the world using their influence/voting machines/ sneaky methods – once in power, they will further WEF agenda and in return they get money, power and fame

The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) found ample evidence that both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are under the influence / control of foreign states and entities

Ladies and Gentlemen – may I present to you the low IQ dipshit “UNelected” Prime Minister of Canada Justin Castreau Jr. in all of his babbling, word salad wonder….

BOMBSHELL: Revolution 2.0 or J6 2.0? Trump posts he “will be arrested on Tuesday” and calls for “protests, to take our nation back.”

Why Trump Pushed the Vaccines ~ This Makes Total Sense, People Must Look at the BIG Picture, the Swamp is Deep and Wide and it is Worldwide

When President Trump is indicted & arrested next week – will you roll over & let the Commies take our country? That’s what they want. Peg of Tierney News always does great work…..

Great Article: Trump suggests that he will be arrested Tuesday of next week. This is the umpteenth attempt to remove Trump from the equation. What is really going on here?

The flu vaccine is too deadly to be used and should be pulled from the market ~ The Medicare data that the CDC never shows the public makes this crystal clear. I wonder what public benefit there is of hiding this data. Why doesn’t anyone want to see it?

Mind Blowing! I can’t believe this whistleblower is revealing all of this banking info, WOW! He even talks about SVB/the criminals involved/Trump, etc. This is WAY bigger than we thought. Holy sh*t! This guy better get some bodyguards…..

Unwrapped monster text thread from Matt Taibbi blowing up Fauci and the Virality Project

Africans are sick of the Trudeau gov’t obsession with pushing abortion in their pro-life nations

HUGE! Shadow Banking Whistleblower: “Congress Has the Names” ~ The Pandora Papers are Bigger Than the Panama Papers

‘Abundant evidence’ that Chinese Communists are grooming Canadian politicians: former ambassador ~ ‘The (Communist) Party’s objective is to transform Canada into a compliant country that perpetually looks over its shoulder to ensure that what it says and does meets Beijing’s approval and looks the other way when Beijing’s extraterritorial reach extends into our communities,’ David Mulroney said.

Federal Judge Confirms That This is the Dumbest Thing He’s Ever Heard in Court ~ Judge Truncale, in Brook Jackson $3 trillion case, affirms legal argument that claim that Pfizer has immunity under US Government contract to commit FDA Fraud is the dumbest thing he has ever heard

Testicular turbo cancer in young athletes? Diagnosis to death in days or weeks. COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein injury to the testes

“Freezing rain without freezing temperatures”, a new headline from the scheduled weather script readers. Matrix media is covering the tracks of the climate engineers with “made-up science” to explain away chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations. Chemical flash freezes are crushing crops while simultaneously confusing and dividing populations on the true state of the climate. The climate science community is pushing the point that climate change is “supercharging” the weather, of course, the global climate engineering onslaught isn’t mentioned. How long do we have until the global controllers play their biggest cards?

Turns Out all You Need is 38,000 Demons to Destroy the World ~ And they are all employed by one company ~ The brutalism of government during the last three years was anomalous in western democracies. First of all, it was irrational, it contravened common sense, which almost everyone possesses, and it destroyed millions of household economies and small businesses. Read More:

How Did the Defense Intelligence Agency Warn About SARS-CoV2 Wuhan Lab “Leak” In November 2019? An ABC News report from 2020 provides clues that U.S. military knew about the “lab leak” as it happened

WHO Whistleblower Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD Confirms Our Work: Nano Robots, Synthetic Biology, RFID Chips, Metals and Nano Circuitry in C19 Shots

“Merchants of Death” – BioNTech – predicts disappearing demand for its toxic C19 mRNA injections around the world

Lawsuits Pile Up Alleging Remdesivir Killed COVID Patients ~ Despite research showing remdesivir is ineffective against COVID-19 and can cause high rates of organ failure, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the experimental antiviral drug for use against COVID-19 — and it’s still being used.

Anthony Fauci’s Covid Hospital protocols using Remdesivir killed THOUSANDS:

A 10 year old Canadian hockey player from Hamilton, Ontario, died suddenly on March 11, 2023 – Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for athletes ages 12+ are a serious crime

The CDC has already received 1000 Covid-19 vaccine death reports in 2023. We are only just going into the third week of March 2023, and the CDC has already received 1000 death reports related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

German “Safe and Effective” Lie Collapsing ~ Health Minister Lauterbach confronted with stories of gravely injured Germans.

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It. The National Toxicology Program on Wednesday released a draft report linking prenatal and childhood fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children, after public health officials tried for almost a year to block its publication.

Exclusive: As Death Rates Surge for Kids and Teens, Researchers Blame Drugs, Guns and Cars – Critics Say It’s Far More Complicated. In an interview with The Defender, all-cause mortality researcher Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., criticized a study published Monday in JAMA attributing a surge in deaths among children and teens to “drugs, guns and automobiles.” Rancourt called the article a “political paper” and accused the researchers of going beyond “what you can reasonably conclude from hard data.”

Exclusive: CDC Doled Out Hundreds of Millions in Grants to Push Vaccines, Collect Data in Communities of Color. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2021 has doled out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants for the creation of “culturally tailored” pro-vaccine materials and for training “influential messengers” to promote COVID-19 and flu vaccines to communities of color in every state across the country.

Problem ~ Reaction ~ Solution. They create the vaccines that cause Autism and then have the magic drugs waiting and ready to deal with the Autism!
‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs ~ The global Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment market is projected to reach $11.42 billion by 2028, according to a new report by 360 Research Reports. Critics called the report “heartbreaking” and called for more focus on prevention by keeping “toxicants out of kids’ bodies.”


Dr. Paul Alexander and Karen Kingston ~ Pfizer Violated the Operation Warp Speed Contractual Agreement With President Trump!

Pfizer Makes Desperate Attempt to Blame Trump for Their Crimes in Court Case
Pfizer’s attorney made a desperate attempt in court to throw the FDA under the bus for committing Pfizer’s fraud and then he tried to blame Trump for the fraud committed by Pfizer and the FDA


Midazolam murders – were the elderly in Long Term Care homes killed with euthanasia drugs and labeled as COVID-19 deaths?

The Schwab study proves the COVID vaccines are killing massive numbers of people

Dr. David E. Martin: It’s Much Worse Than You Think ~ Massive Government/University Corruption And The Creation Of Covid – Connecting the Dots

Gee, I wonder what it could be?🤔💉
I think a couple of these rock-stars accused the UNjabbed of being murderers….My message to them: You pushed Pharma’s poison on others but guess what geniuses, “they” want YOU dead too.
Bruce Springsteen, Amanda Bynes, Rod Stewart, George Ezra, rapper Jeno and 2 South Korean bands ALL cancel shows because of “illness”


California meteorologist passes out on camera; truck veers off road, smashes through bus stop in Adelaide, SUV crashes into a cafe in Houston

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application Of Low Level Electrical Current And Structures Rapidly Grow – Clifford Carnicom’s Findings Confirmed
Covid Vaccine Detox: www.DiamondzDetox.com

Purveyors of Hate ~ Real life observations from the front lines of the information wars

Is Dr. Malone Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?
Dr. Robert Malone describes mRNA ‘vaccines’ as the entry point for transhumanism and the suite of technologies that can modify humans through directed biological and mechanical genetic mutations.


24/7 Mass Surveillance/China Credit Score System/Tracked and Traced/Total Control Over the People/Won’t Be Able to Participate in Society Unless Plugged Into the System – Most Likely Mandatory Vaccination

Edward Dowd Presents Irrefutable Evidence Vaccine Mandates Killed & Disabled Countless Americans

Are You F’KING Kidding Me?
Watch: Dr. Anthony Fauci goes door to door with the mayor in D.C trying to convince people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.


There Is No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots? That Is Not Logical

Research shows that, for Europe, C19 “Vaccines” kill 3-4 times more than C19 Disease

Biden is Acting on Behalf of an Enemy of the American People
Biden mandated the mRNA injections and then he called on ALL of the US government and private sector enterprises to engage in criminal experimentation on US citizens with gene-editing technologies.

Two high school students just died of aneurysms and many more young people are getting them and dying recently – well known COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injury

Doctors Caution Possible Risk of Vision Impairment After COVID Vaccination
House Rep. Mike Blecher (R-N.H.) never had a migraine before in his life. But after the shot, he “had an [ocular] migraine for [around] 20-something days straight.”


This is a great Twitter thread on how collusion between governments, industry (aka big pharma), military, NGOs, etc., worked to force a narrative on the public which resulted in them injecting a bio-weapon. Some Evidence and info showing this was available at the time but most people didn’t want to listen to us. Blind trust in institutions without using common sense/logic is a massive causality event waiting to happen ~ By Lisa Power on FB

GOP Presidential Candidate and Major Goofball Calls on New Yorkers to Beat Trump Supporters with a Baseball Bat If They Riot
John Anthony Castro is running for president as a “Republican”, but has been accused of being a plant to fool voters. He is a tax attorney and launched an AI-powered software called AiTax, which could disrupt the tax preparation industry. Castro wrote on Twitter: “New Yorkers!! If they try to January 6th at a NY Courthouse, show up with bats! Time to put these MAGA MFers in their place. I’m donating $1 million toward ARMED security. No more fkn around. If we’re going to take this prick down, we have to do it together.”

UCSF orders their doctors to ignore COVID vaccine injuries and they don’t file VAERS reports either

‘Smart’ Masks for Cows? Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Data-Collecting Faceware for Livestock
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to ZELP, which claims its artificial intelligence mask technology for livestock will reduce methane emissions and curb climate change.


How Fauci’s Wife Used NIH Role of Chief Ethicist to Bolster Her Husband’s Pandemic Policies

WTF!! I LOVE Ketchup and Mayo!!
Toxic PFAS Chemicals Found in Ketchup, Mayo, Other Common Foods ~ Highly hazardous PFAS, or per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are leaching out of plastic containers and contaminating food products, according to research published by the American Chemical Society this month.


Video: Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist admits he hasn’t taken another booster because he had heart related side effects to the last shot.

New Yorker Shits in Theater Aisle Near Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway Show – LOL – Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were surprised to find a turd in the aisle by their seats during intermission at the Shubert Theater in New York City last week.

On March 20th 2021, huge demonstrations were held around the world to protest about the oppressive and entirely unnecessary regulations being enforced to prepare populations for the ‘great reset’ and the ‘new normal’. But millions know that the lockdowns, the mask wearing and the social distancing had nothing to do with covid-19 but were part of a process of intimidation and training designed to prepare us for a world in which humans have no freedom and no rights.

Georgia college student on life support with brain bleed after trip to Mexico – just like brain aneurysms, AVMs are also at risk for rupture & bleed from Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines…

The UN’s New Rules for Ruling the World and what does Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres stand for? These people are CRIMINALS!

Georgia college student on life support with brain bleed after trip to Mexico – just like brain aneurysms, AVMs are also at risk for rupture & bleed from Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines…

What’s going on behind the scenes with Trump’s indictment & arrest? Here’s what you need to know…..

Is Lyme disease a government-made bioweapon?
Here’s the Book “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons” : https://amzn.to/405mGSa

A 39 year old Alberta pilot for WestJet Airlines died suddenly on March 17, 2023

Fascinating 🤔 I wonder why?💉

Reuters Article Confirms Ukrainian Biolabs are Creating High-Threat mRNA Pathogens ~ Ukraine biolabs are creating highly infectious mRNA viruses that are fueling global pandemics and killing millions of global civilians. Why is the United States funding Ukraine’s biowarfare programs?

Mexican pharmacies are selling pills laced with deadly fentanyl to U.S. travelers

Israeli politicians pre-ordered Pfizer/BioNTexh “vaccines” BEFORE clinical trials had commenced. Paid upfront fees, hid the contracts with Pfizer and are now busted.

Clif High Predicts Retribution When the Vaccinated Realize That They and Their Families Have Been Poisoned

Great Newspaper – check it out, we could use some newspapers like this:

Placentagate: One of the Biggest Scandals in Medicine

Andre de Ruyter has disappeared – Daily Investor

Great Newspaper – check it out, we could use some newspapers like this:

HORRIFIC: They Paid Drs, Nurses and Hospitals to Murder Innocent Patients. They Faked Covid Cases and Deaths to Instill Fear in the Population

🎯 UK Weapon Specialist Mark Steele Calls MI-5 to Report Domestic Terrorism/Mass UK Extermination – Graphene Jabs Containing Antennas/5G/Deadly Street Lights

FYI – when he mentions the UK “street furniture” he is talking about this: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/street-lamps-and-bus-shelters-to-help-boost-5g-roll-out-in-4-million-trial

Mark Steele British weapons expert and Chief Technology Officer 5g Activist

5G is a weapon system and a crime against humanity, says Mark Steele

March 2023 ~ Reuters Article Confirms Ukrainian Biolabs are Creating High-Threat mRNA Pathogens ~ Ukraine biolabs are creating highly infectious mRNA viruses that are fueling global pandemics and killing millions of global civilians. Why is the United States funding Ukraine’s biowarfare programs?

March 22/2023 ~ The Corrupt Soros Funded Lap-Poodle Loser Lawyer is BUSTED!

April/2022 Article ~ What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

Excess Mortality News Supports the “Geert Variant” Theory

HORRIFIC: They Paid Drs, Nurses and Hospitals to Murder Innocent Patients. Covid and Case Numbers Were Faked to Instill Fear in the Population
They also denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people. They forced ineffective toxic Covid vaccines on the world. They Censored anyone sharing life saving early treatment information and anyone who warned about the dangers of the Covd vaccines. The Governments willfully committed crimes against humanity.

The Phenomenological Greed of the Health Care System

Pfizer kills Children for Profit: COVID Vaccine causes 17x increase in Child Deaths across Europe:

Southwest Airlines 6013 LAS-CMH departing Las Vegas diverted as pilot collapsed shortly after takeoff morning of March 22, 2023 – 5th pilot collapse in past 3 weeks

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, March 14-March 21, 2023

March 21/2023:
Xi Jinping: Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together.
Vladimir Putin: I agree.
Xi Jinping: Please, take care, dear friend.
Vladimir Putin: Have a safe journey!

War on the ‘Village Yokel’: An Ancient Gimmick of the Elites – For centuries on end, the people grounded in common sense have been an annoyance to the ‘educated folks.’

The U.S. Government Is Building A Vast Surveillance And Speech Suppression Web Around Every American

Justin Trudeau killed his Brother Michel Trudeau for His Current Estranged Wife Sophie? Who knows, interesting though….

Record excess deaths in Canadian province of Nova Scotia – 1:1000 population died in 2022

44 year old Edmonton Police Service Constable Corinne Kline died suddenly on March 23, 2023

“Biosludged” Documentary Reveals the Horrific Mass Pollution of North America’s Soils With Toxic Human and Industrial Waste

“Aquamation” – Liquifying the Dead to Feed to the Living? Remains Used as Fertilizer? Seriously? Far Fetched? It’s True…

Bill Gates – Public Enemy Number One

Walmart to Charge Customers 42 Cents Per Shopping Bag Starting March 28 to Tackle Climate Crisis….WTF? What Climate Crisis? Where is this Money Going? How is Banning Plastic Bags and Straws Going to Save the Planet? If you Got Rid of Everything Made With and Of Plastic That is in Your Home Right Now Your Home Would be Empty. What a Joke.

This is why the globalist scumbags don’t want us eating eggs…

“An Unprecedent Inquiry”: Manhattan DA Fires Off Angry Letter Blaming Trump For Arrest Rumors – LOL!!!

The WHO Controls the World
We live in democratically elected representative countries. This will end if amendments to International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaties are signed by unelected non-medical and non-scientific bureaucrats from 2/3 of countries agree amongst themselves. Signing means that 90% of every countries’ discretionary spending is controlled by the WHO – meaning elections are meaningless and so are your elected representatives. Signing the amendments and the treaty represents a 25% tax increase for quack/faux/totalitarian policies. Write your elected leader and tell them.


EDTA Detoxifies Covid Vaccine Heavy Metals, Graphene, Hydrogels, Parasites and Does Much More! Check out my blog link for more info:

Vaccine injury is real, stop ignoring this. ” I was very very huge on vaccines to where I’d keep my kids away from others who had not got them. I’d judge other parents who didn’t let their kids get them as if they was wrong for that choice. As I sit here Today as a mother who didn’t do research who didn’t look into splitting up dosages of vaccines or the effects of certain ones I’m telling you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research on them and the side effects and educate yourself.

You hear all these people say oh vaccines can’t do this or that and I always thought man them people are crazy and putting my babies at risk. And now within a weeks time My beautiful and amazing little boy is now suffering and fully fighting for his life to stay with us. Now looking at my one year old son who is on breathing support because one of the vaccines he got has caused an adverse reaction & when the CDC was contacted they didn’t want them to run test on certain things for Kaiden ,which is all around a red flag.

On Thursday 3/15 Kaiden was this happy smiling baby who was thriving and shortly after coming home after receiving a set of shots that following Friday he started shaking and unable to control his movements. Friday through Monday the shaking got worse so he was admitted to children’s mercy of kc they sent him home saying it was tremors and it would go away as a side effect of his shots. Kaiden came home but started to decline pretty quickly Kaiden now will not look at us, smile at us , or respond to us.. he has went from breathing on his own to a bipap to now being intubated and has lost all movement in his body. They are pending other tests to see about genetic disorders and have sent off several blood test they have tried to give him a dose of medication to help his antibodies and that has not worked. Then today, they admit to us that it may be a adverse reaction. Please say a prayer for my boy that he makes it through this and pray we at least get his baseline back so far he has just kept declining but we have faith that he will fight just as hard to stay with us as he did when he was born. Thank you and god bless you and your family for all the prayers and positive words and advice each and everyone is appreciated

Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine suspected of killing 125 young Europeans, the overwhelming majority (were) healthy ~ Investigative journalism from Portugal

According to recent data released by the CDC, autism is on the rise at an alarming rate. Autism has gone from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 36 children in the last twenty years.

Special forces operator in studio with Adams to reveal active invasion of USA under way
Mike Adams ~ I hosted a special forces operator who runs teams on the Texas border — nickname “HiCap” — for an in studio interview where he rolls out the truth about the active invasion under way right now against the USA. His teams interdict human trafficking, drug trafficking and weapons trafficking. They see it all, and they get intel on China’s operations in South America, revealing how China is establishing a military beachhead with our southern neighbors. His interview is featured right up front in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News (BBN). See that interview and more at:


Here’s a List of All the Young Global Leaders from 1993-2021

Cause Unknown: Expert Opinions are Subjective, Increased Sudden Deaths are Not ~ Could doctors and leaders have been subject to peer-pressure or motivated by money to inject patients with mRNA technology even after the harm and death caused by mRNA nanotech was known?

James O’Keefe’s Pfizer Org Chart Unlocks History

Australian Senate joins the UK House of Commons in exhibiting blatant and callous disregard for extra deaths and suffering; highest “excess mortality” since World War 2

21 VIDEOS of collapses on stage and live on air: Greek South African rapper Costa Titch, age 27, collapsed and died – TV reporters collapsing or having strokes live on air

Gender-confused man featured in United Airlines’ ‘Trans Visibility’ ad commits suicide

Biden Coast Guard to offer paid leave, travel expenses to abort babies

Regulatory bodes across the world knew in January 2021 that toxic lipid nano-particles permeated blood plasma and from there into liver, spleen, ovum, thymus, uterus, testes, brain and bone marrow

‘Largest Satanic Gathering in History’ Will Require Masks and Vaccinations and is scheduled to take place in Boston from April 28 – 30th, 2023

Probably pretty close to a conversation they’ve had in real life…
Fauci is not only responsible for the maiming and deaths of millions during the 2020-current Covid SCAMdemic, he is also responsible for the deaths of thousands or more during AIDS situation in the 80’s with AZT. He will be dealth with for Crimes against humanity – and Beagles. Read the articles below….

The Facts About Fauci, His “Science” and His Deadly Protocols: https://therealtruthnetworkcom.wordpress.com/2022/02/04/are-hospital-covid-protocols-killing-people/

Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on alleged puppy experiments

If You Thought Fauci’s Beagle Torture Experiment Was Bad, Look Where He Reportedly Sourced the Pups

Organ Harvesting Exposed
Organ harvesting is done while you’re still alive and without anesthesia, because most organs from a dead body are useless. Consider this before you generously give your own or your child’s organs away: you will feel them cutting you open and ripping out your organs while they keep your heart beating.
“When asked whether ‘brain-dead’ people can still feel pain, Heidi Klessig, M.D. and today’s ‘The People’s Testaments’ guest, answers, “Absolutely, they can.”

Video: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/the-peoples-testaments/organ-harvesting-exposed/

Co-Owner of Chicago COVID Testing Company Defrauded Government of $83M, Used Funds to Buy Luxury Cars ~ Zishan Alvi is also accused of giving patients false negative test results.

Hospital admissions double – and it’s got to be down to the vaccines

‘Terrifying’: Technology professor blasts Trudeau’s internet censorship bill
The associate professor at the University of Toronto joked that he would like to ask parliament if they ‘even know how the internet works.’

Trudeau ~ Canada’s Manchurian Candidate

Interview with Singer Jessica Sutta (former Pussycat Dolls member): I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine

What’s with all these “trans women” acting like sadistic men? There’s no hate speech as virulent as the hate speech aimed at women by men claiming to be women

WACO: FED massacre cover up and Clinton ‘suicide’ called out by Trump

Challenging Big Pharma’s Lucrative Over-Vaccination of People and Animals

Over-Vaccination is a Multi-BILLION Dollar Market

Crime and Retribution – someone has to say it – the Giant Syringe in the room killed millions

“Beyond the Great Reset” ~ A Futuristic Depiction of Life Inside Klaus Schwab’s New World Order Quarantine Camp

Pfizer and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withheld evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations were causing myocarditis, according documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense via a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC, and documents leaked this week to Project Veritas.

Why Trump Pushed the Vaccines ~ This Makes Total Sense: https://therealtruthnetworkcom.wordpress.com/2022/12/17/why-trump-pushed-the-vaccines-this-makes-total-sense/

Operation Warp Speed: The military strategy to save the world from collapse: https://stopworldcontrol.com/trumpkeys/

Trump Articles: https://stopworldcontrol.com/donaldjtrump/

March 2023 Article: Welcome to the Fourth Reich: NY Governor Demands Court Authorization to Detain Citizens in ‘Quarantine Camps’ ~ “The rule would allow state authorities to detain people in the camps with no time limits, no appeal, no age limits, and no rights at all…”

Article: There is a Simple Fix to Economic Chaos ~ Unimagined prosperity for all lies just beneath the surface.

Article: The Solution to Economic Chaos, Part 2 – To Solve ‘Food Insecurity,’ Cut Bureaucrats

PSYOP-23 Bird Flu Edition: Here They Go Again!

Report: Transgender Woman Left in Tears After TSA Agent Hits ‘Her’ Testicles at JFK Airport

SHOCKER: Ford Motors Losing Billions on Electric Vehicles ~ “Go Woke Go Broke” ~ Ain’t Rocket Science People…

Organizations funded by Hungarian Billionaire Psychopath George Soros & his Open Society Foundations
✔️ Antifa
✔️ Black Lives Matter
✔️ Shadow Democratic Party

7 Children Paralyzed by Polio Virus Derived From New Gates-Funded Polio Vaccine – Seven children were paralyzed by vaccine-derived polio linked to the new nOPV2 polio vaccine developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), which on Thursday announced the news.

How Fauci’s Wife Used NIH Role of Chief Ethicist to Bolster Her Husband’s Pandemic Policies – While Dr. Anthony Fauci gave the nation its pandemic public policy prescriptions, his wife, Christine Grady, Ph.D. — chief bioethicist at Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health — provided the moral framework.

What Are Pfizer’s Lipid Nanotechnologies?
When Pfizer refers to mRNA, they are referring to the computer generated genetic sequences that can program a human cell to produce viruses, spike proteins, CANCERS, or nearly anything.

Detox Nano Tech with EDTA – more info here: www.DiamondzDetox.com

How Fauci’s Wife Used NIH Role of Chief Ethicist to Bolster Her Husband’s Pandemic Policies
While Dr. Anthony Fauci gave the nation its pandemic public policy prescriptions, his wife, Christine Grady, Ph.D. – chief bioethicist at Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health – provided the moral framework.

Women who use hormonal birth control are 50% more likely to be diagnosed with depression. They are twice as likely to attempt suicide, and three times more likely to succeed, at suicide. The age group most affected is women under the age of 19. Yet, parents can’t wait to get their daughter on the pill so she can go play the whore. And you wonder why this nation is under God’s judgement?

The Top 6 Reasons to Speak Out Against the Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations – The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the International Health Regulations on May 27, 2022 and practically NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT FOR NEARLY 10 MONTHS.

Autopsy Studies of COVID-19 Illness Rule Out Extensive Myocarditis ~ Systematic Review of 50 Studies with 548 Hearts Does not Find Heart Inflammation as Significant Contributor to Death

‘These Numbers Look Horrific’: Work Absence Rates Are Off the Charts — And It’s Only Gotten Worse ~ “Something’s going on with our workforce that we’ve never seen before. And it’s gone so far above trend — it’s a health concern.”

Turbo Cancer is Here..
NBA great Eric Montross has cancer; NFL tight end Foster Moreau has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; pro wrestler Black Bart has liver cancer; reality TV’s Patrick Macon has gallbladder or bile duct cancer ~ Healthy 42-year-old Memphis mom suddenly has cancer; Baton Rouge 17-year-old has Lymphoma throughout her body; Nashville 8-year-old has medulloblastoma


SICK! – ‘State Sanctioned Kidnapping’ — California Democrat Pushes Bill That Would Allow Therapists to Snatch Children From Parents Without Trial

Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate ~ Stupidity of “switch to electric” while killing power generation

“The Lion” ~ Narrated by Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken’s brief description of the king of the jungle, a lion is a great description of President Trump. Walken’s lion speech is from a 2002 movie called Poolhall Junkies.
Supported by emails and documents, career epidemiologist Dr. Paul Alexander and New York Times-bestselling author Kent Heckenlively, JD, will not only show proof of a presidential takedown, but also of the personal vendetta of the CDC and HHS against Alexander himself. From unnecessary lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates to the dismissal of effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and vitamin D and even threats against President Trump and his family, Presidential Takedown: How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump is the inside story of what really happened from those first COVID-19 reports to President Trump’s “loss” in November.
Purchase at Amazon: https://amzn.to/40jyHUc

The Biden admin and NATO have accused Putin of kidnapping children and have issued an arrest warrant out for him. Could it be that Putin is actually SAVING trafficked children in Ukraine? After all, it is a major child trafficking hub for the deep state, criminal cabal…

The Biden Regime Prepares To End America’s Republic ~ The WHO’s “pandemic treaty” will usher in the New World Order government ruled by China – The treaty would allow the WHO to circumvent the U.S. Constitution — and unilaterally authorize future lockdowns, forced vaccine mandates, forced quarantines, and mandatory vaccine passports (digital ID) in the United States without approval from the U.S. Congress. This is a Worldwide Treaty – not Just USA

1 in 36 Kids Have Autism, CDC Says – Critics Slam Agency’s Failure to Investigate Causes
One in 36 (2.8%) 8-year-old children – 4% of boys and 1% of girls — have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), based on an analysis of data from 2020, published today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine suspected of killing 125 young Europeans, the overwhelming majority (were) healthy ~ Investigative journalism from Portugal

According to recent data released by the CDC, autism is on the rise at an alarming rate. Autism has gone from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 36 children in the last twenty years.

Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?

LMAO!!! Janet Yellen Insists the IRS Is Unpopular Because They Are Too Small

Peg Tierney writes great articles….
Article: When Paul Sperry speaks – I listen! Paul Sperry is considered the most trustworthy & accurate investigative journalist in America. If you don’t believe me about DeSantis – at least believe him. Thanks!


U.S. Department of Defense issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before Covid was known to even exist – The Intelligence Industrial Complex is the 4th Branch of government that runs the entire illegitimate Federal government that is waging a full spectrum soft war against We the People out of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. They perpetrated PSYOP-19 in order to control via junk science mandates and depopulate via “vaccines.” They are also responsible for PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION…

Cyanide in Children’s Vitamins and in Energy Drinks – Are They Out of Their %$#@! Minds?

COVID-19 vaccine injury to the liver: brave Ontario mother shares story of vaccine injured young boy; 22 year old young woman in Army National Guard develops liver disease 3 weeks after Pfizer vaccine

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Air Transat Flight TS739 FDF-YUL service from Fort-de-France to Montreal, Airbus A321-200: pilot incapacitated in-flight on March 18th, 2023 – 6th incident this month

TAROM Flight RO-7673 TSR-HRG service from Timisoara (Romania) to Hurghada (Egypt) diverted: 30 year old pilot had chest pain and collapsed in-flight on March 25th, 2023 – 7th pilot incident this month

Trudeau Busted by A.I Specialist David Hawkins ~ Massive Corruption/Treason/Pedo-Ring/Child Porn/Murder and MUCH More!

WHO instructs schools to teach toddlers masturbation
The World Health Organization has issued a document to policy makers, educational and health authorities instructing them to teach little children “early childhood masturbation”, encourage them to “express wishes and needs while playing doctor”, and “being curious regarding others’ bodies”
28 year old Ontario pharmacist died suddenly on March 22, 2023
Dr. Victor Lei worked at the Iroquois Falls Guardian Pharmacy, where he served the community until his very last day

March 28/2023: Another shooting? Who is really behind it? We are being played again! WAKE UP!

Turbo Cancer at face value

Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Freedom Act (HB 81 and SB 177) – Proposed Ban Would Provide Relief to People Living Under Mandates

5th Generation Warfare And Our Children
Great article: https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/5th-generation-warfare-and-our-children

Protesters in Paris unite against Macron, Trudeau, and Rutte

Newly released autism prevalence estimates show that the iatrogenocide is expanding – The mainstream narrative lies in ruins and the CDC response is a case study in total depravity

The Climate and Green Energy Scams – Selected Political and Scientific Papers – Nov2002 to Present

“How mRNA vaccines could target everything from cancer to the plague”: they will never stop, even if Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were a complete failure

The Causal Chain of the Disease Process – High Blood Pressure

March 25/2023 – 100+ Nations Have Global Agreement Now Being Deployed Called “Project Sandman” To Drop and End Dominance of the US Dollar and Petro-dollar

Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report – Former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his analysts at the research firm, Phinance Technologies, published a report on the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine program in the United States for the year 2022. The data is quite grim. The stats in this article are most likely far too conservative:

Another Article: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bombshell-vax-analysis-finds-147-billion-economic-damage-tens-millions-injured-or-disabled

Defending the Use of mRNA Technology. Ignorance or Psychopathy? Why defend mRNA? Biosynthetic nanoparticles that program human cells to create disease by manufacturing billions of chimeric ‘spike proteins’ are mRNA bioweapon technology, not vaccines or therapies.
Spike Detox: https://www.twc.health/?ref=Diamondz

The Criminal One World Government Politicians & Illegitimate Federal Government Power Grab Online Edition: VPN Users Risk 20-Year Jail Sentences in the US Under New RESTRICT Act

Judge Orders Pence To Testify About Conversations He Had With Trump Leading Up To Jan. 6


I saw people snitch on each other. I saw the librarian phone 911 when my 12-year old son wanted to borrow books without a ‘jab pass’.

I’ve seen grown men and women joke when their (grand)children are ‘educated’ about how they can mutilate their bodies if their fantasy takes a flight and gniffle like teenagers at the sight of middle-aged men dressed like whores dance in front of babies.

Humanity has sunk to a place that they simply regurgitate what’s being told without any moral, ethical or critical thought.

Voltaire — ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.’

The Rainbow Jihad Comes For The Christians – The Nashville school shooting is another front in the great theological war of our time

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States and worldwide, March 20-March 27, 2023

Database Shows Black Lives Matter Had Iron Grip on US Companies. From banks to planes to video games, it looks like a big shakedown.

Something else just as bad is coming, just my opinion. They would NEVER relinquish power unless something else was in the works – just my opinion. – “The Senate on Wednesday passed a GOP-led resolution that would end the COVID-19 national emergency that has been in place since 2020

Major Acquisitions & Changes in Booming Dietary Supplement Industry: Do You Know Who is Behind Your Vitamins?

World’s largest seller of carbon credits EXPOSED as scam operation. “South Pole”, the world’s leading seller of so-called carbon “credits,” is not what it claims to be.

UK Government tried to develop a virus that combined the deadly delta with the infectious omicron variants – in Level 3 labs overseen by Imperial College – yes those morons

👿 BREAKING: Pope Francis hospitalized after reported ‘heart problems’

Young women face 3.5 times the risk of cardiac death after taking AstraZeneca COVID shot: data – Eleven of 15 heart-related fatalities among young females were recorded ‘within 12 weeks of a first dose of a non-mRNA vaccine.’

Groundbreaking Analysis: COVID Vaccines Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths, $147 Billion in Damage to Economy in 2022 Alone – In the U.S., COVID-19 vaccines injured 6.6 million people, disabled 1.36 million people, caused more than 300,000 excess deaths and cost the economy an estimated $147 billion in damage – in 2022 alone – according to a new analysis by Humanity Projects, a wing of Portugal-based research firm Phinance Technologies.

Exclusive: FAA Quietly Updates Guidelines to Clear Some Pilots Previously Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Syndrome – The Federal Aviation Administration in January quietly updated its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, allowing aviation doctors for the first time to give medical clearance to some pilots diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder connected to certain COVID-19 vaccines.

Guess What! As it turns out, sunshine is actually really important for our bodies. It improves our mood and helps our bodies produce Vitamin D. Our society is becoming increasingly Vitamin D-deficient because of this fear of the sun, which affects our body’s ability to fight illness. Read more: https://diamondzultimatehealth.wordpress.com/2023/03/30/the-hidden-dangers-of-sunscreens/

Chemicals in Personal Care Products May Increase Risk of Breast Cancer – Switching to phthalate- and paraben-free shampoo, deodorant, lotion, nail polish and other personal care products could reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study published in Chemosphere.

Beauty and Personal Care Products ~ Are They Safe?

HUGE! CDC and FDA contracts show they prepared for massive amounts of serious adverse events months before Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out

Veteran Saves Mother’s Life With Chlorine Dioxide (MMS): The FDA Hides Alternative Treatments
Lots more information on Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) at this link including where to buy it:

Italian Doctor Suspended for Suggesting Autopsies of Sudden Deaths – We do not need no stinking autopsies, say Italian medical officials

Great link with tons of info on The New World Order/Rockefellers:

Why the Organized Crime Media Misrepresents Voluntaryism and Peaceful Anarchy as Chaos and Dystopia

Hundreds of French Citizens Suffer Cardiac Events after Bivalent Boosters – 30 Day Regulatory Window Captures Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Blood Clots

Pre-print study highlights the errors, omissions and lies of the CDC

Dropping Sperm Counts and Poisonous Ejaculate

This is what the Biden admin and the far left Democrats are creating…

Children continue to die from influenza & Strep A complications in Canada and around the world: are we seeing severe immune system damage from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines?

Trump Indictment Spurs Glenn Beck to Wholeheartedly Support the Former President on Tucker Carlson Tonight – “Donald Trump is not even a person anymore; he is a symbol. He is a symbol of the average, everyday guy that keeps getting screwed every single time.”

We are paying for this bullsh@t!! Taxpayer funded trannie/drag camp for children as young as seven to take place in Vancouver this summer.

Leak: CDC Uses Tax Dollars for Secret School LGBTQIA Training – Project Veritas published leaked audio revealing mandatory CDC guidelines on transgender ideology in the state of New Mexico. This is the LGBTQIA training session sent to Project Veritas by a teacher in Albuquerque.

Avi Silverberg (a man with hairy balls) Sets New Women’s Bench Press Record – Team Canada’s coach breaks female record previously held by transgender male.

Canada’s “National Institute for Nanotechnology”

Vax deaths = COVID deaths according to latest Rasmussen Reports poll – This is the most important poll they’ve ever done. Mainstream media will NEVER commission a poll like this. NEVER. So when they say the poll must be wrong, ask to see THEIR poll.

16 year old high school boy from Illinois had a sudden cardiac arrest while sitting at his desk in class: C@VID mRNA vaxxine induced subclinical (silent) my@carditis is extremely dangerous to kids

Jimmy Yanqui, a famous Canadian Youtuber, died suddenly after a massive heart attack. The famous Canadian Youtuber died at his home in Toronto. Jimmy was known for his unique commentary and different makeup tutorials.

Exposure to Atrazine Encourages Breast Cancer Cells to Spread, Tumors to Grow Larger – A study published this month in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety found the commonly used herbicide, atrazine, promotes breast cancer development by significantly increasing breast cancer cell spread and tumor size.

Web-Based Program Effectively Persuades Vaccine-Hesitant Mothers to Vaccinate Themselves, Their Infants

Dashboards Galore at VaersAware.com – Are Interactive Dashboards the wave of the future?

This is What They Fear Most: Us – This is why we will win

More News Info: www.RealTruthRealNews.com
Covid Vaccine Detox Remedies, Protocols and Products: www.DiamondzDetox.com
This T-shirt and Hoodies and More Can Be Found Here: www.MissKittysCoolShoppe.com
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