Why This Website?

Our Governments lie to us, the Fake News Media lies to us, Social Media lies and prevents us from sharing important “life or death” information with others. They make it impossible for people to find the truth in what is going on in our countries and on our planet. There is an agenda to enslave us all and they are complicit in the corruption and deceit.

I wanted to have all of the information that I have and have seen in one place to be able to share it with others. People can come here and read articles, watch videos, find great people on Social Media to follow, in some cases though they will be banned or taken down permanently. I will try to add the unbiased social platforms that these heroes have gone to.

Whatever you choose to do with the information on this site is your choice and your business, it is not up to me to change your mind about anything ~ it’s all up to you.

Please feel free to take any info you wish from this website and share with others. Better yet, please “Follow” my website and share my website link with others. 🙂