Agenda 21/2030 is the New World Order

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Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030 and it is in full swing right now. If you go to one of your local council meetings you might notice that they are implementing it as well in your city or town. Another name for it is “Sustainable Development (CSD). Most people have never heard of this. I will post some articles and videos here for you to check out and share with others. Please feel free to also share my website as well if you wish and don’t forget to Follow my website!!

The Elites, Their Agenda and Their Plan to Destroy Us All

Agenda21 Explained in 5 Minutes by Rosa Koire

NEW WORLD ORDER Plan Explained by a 1930s Cartoon


“THE GREAT RESET” World Economic Forum:

Chaos Is The Cover For Agenda21/2030 – Planned Destruction of USA, Spiros Skouras with Rosa Koire 2020

More videos with Rosa Koire

The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank. It is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset. If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.

On 4/20/21, deleted their mysterious 2025 forecast spreadsheet that predicted a major collapse of the western countries but I have saved some archive links:



Agenda 21 roots UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992 by whistleblower George Hunt

Young Global Leaders W.E.F. Members / INFILTRATION IN OUR GOVERNMENTS!
100 pages of young global leaders and their positions of power title’s:
Search current members and alumni by year awarded, sector or region.

The Future Teams Of Government INFILTRATION – Hubs | Global Shapers W.E.F. :

🛑 Documentary (1967) ~ The ILLUMINATI Became the Instrument of the House of Rothschild to Achieve a “One World Government”–documentary-the-illuminati-became-the-instrument-of-the-house-of-rothschil.html

Mr. Fagan describes with documentary evidence how the ILLUMINATI became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a “One World Government”. Mr. Fagan relentlessly uncovered plots for major historical events. This Recording is one of the most interesting and yet horrifying, factual stories of some of the most sensational plots in the history of the world.

Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus Patent Form 2002

NWO Agenda Explained: COVID, Digital Identity, The Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism, Agenda 21, etc.

Purchase the book at Amazon:

“The New Normal”, a factual, 50-minute documentary, investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what the 1% elite psychopaths have to gain and the rest of us are about to lose. This is where we are headed if people don’t WAKE UP!!!

The REAL 13 Illuminati Families

Ernest Rothschild: Issues ‘Cease and Desist’ order to ALL “Keepers of the Royal Assets”. Not sure what this is but some might find it interesting:

Prepare Yourself for What is Coming
All the sleeping masses are the ones who are going to drag us into AI slavery. We’re at a time in history where we find ourselves on the frontline, all of us. We’re on the frontline here, folks ~ Max Igan

Black Skull and Bones ~ The Black Boule
In 1904, the first African -American Greek Secret Society was formed in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women.

Agenda 2030 (aka New World Order) Decrypted/Layman’s Terms

Former US naval intelligence briefing team member Bill Cooper reveals classified information kept in secret government files since the 1940s. Cooper tells of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the secret government, and UFOs. His lucid presentation of this information transcends partisan affiliations as he clearly addresses issues in a way that has a striking impact on listeners of all backgrounds and interests.
“Like it or not, everything is changing, and the end result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate, the future is in your hands.” (William Cooper, October 24, 1989)

Behold a Pale Horse audio:
Full Video:

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The Globalist Agenda: The COVID Plandemic is Just The Beginning

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding “The Great Reset”

Dr. Vernon Coleman
They Want To Kill 6 Billion of Us and Here’s How They Will Do It.

Article on his website:

Investigative Journalist Harry Vox warned against coming lockdowns & quarantines… in 2014! This is happening NOW, in 2020!!

Harry Vox website:

United Nations Sustainable Development – Agenda 21/2030 – New World Order

What you need to know about George Soros, center of conspiracy theories

Rockefeller Foundation: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (Lockstep)

The Top of the Pyramid:
The Rothschilds, the Vatican and the British Crown Rule the World

Lockstep PDF download:

The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller’s Lockstep 2010

The Secrets of “Secret Societies”

National Security Study Memorandum ~ NSSM 200
Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests
(The Kissenger Report, December 10, 1974)


On March 23, 2021, the Ever Given / Evergreen vessel container ship became lodged in the Suez Canal and obstructed any passage through that particular route for almost a week. According to the interview below there were contents in that container that contained cargo that would forever change our planet – and not in a good way. Bill Gates is involved.
The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Kaan Sariaydin/Mavi Gazetem interview: (subtitles)
Here’s a great website that offers English translations:

Police State Contagion: US Plan to Use Bio-weapons to Impose Martial Law One Quarantine at a Time. The US military-industrial police state has never hesitated to sacrifice the lives of Americans in order to achieve its goal of locking down control of all movement – not just in & out of the country but within the country. Bio-weapons, as the Rockefeller Foundation gleefully pointed out way back in 2010 (Lockstep), are a fantastic way to convince an already-mentally-supine population to yield control of their physical forms to the state’s machinations as well.

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME. Jones chronicles the history of the global elite’s bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars—creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), “The only acceptable response to such a crisis is to pursue a “Great Reset” of our economies, politics, and societies.” Makes sense, right? Of course not, but this is the truth about this manufactured pandemic: It is nothing more than a catalyst for the New World Order.

How Is Agenda 21 Being Implemented Worldwide? It is also called The Great Reset/The New World Order/Climate Change and Sustainable Development/Build Back Better/The Green New Deal

A MUST See Video!
Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview ~ Planet Lockdown ~ Coronavirus Covid-19 ~ Masks ~ Quarantine ~ Pandemic

Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is a plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030 and it’s happening right now. C@VID19 is being used as a political cover for the greatest financial collapse in the history of the world. The lockdown of the population is done to keep people inside and away from each other. If people are away from each other, they can’t work together, now can they?

The United Nations Exposed: Who Is In Control?

The “Good” Club ~ “Shrink the World’s Population”: Secret 2009 Meeting of Billionaires “Good Club”

Secret May 2009 Meeting of “The Good Club”. “Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb Overpopulation”

World leaders are planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income and vaccination requirements

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
People need to watch this and check out the links in the notes section!!!

Fun Fact ~ Oil Is Not A Fossil Fuel ~ It’s Always Been a Big Fat Globalist Lie
Climate Change is a Lie Too

Advancing Disarmament within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The One World Order From The Beginning!
This 60 Minute documentary takes us back to the beginning of the One World Government (Order) and exposes those in power and their intentions for your life today, plus it offers information on how to protect you and your family from slavery in the near future. If you believe The U.S. Government is here to serve and protect then this video is NOT FOR YOU because a One World Order or New World Order will Take Away Your Freedom! Time tells the truth and time is up! Are you prepared?

WE ARE BEING PLAYED! What is happening in our world right now in 2020 HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR DECADES! Check out this terrific article written by Grace Van Berkum:

21 Goals Of The Illuminati And The Committee Of 300
The COMMITTEE OF 300 — Who are they? (2015 article)
The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300. The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600. It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time. Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a “New World Order”, under a “Totalitarian Global Government”.

THE COMMITTEE OF 300, To Cause Death of 3 Billion People for 2050, Population Mind Control…Who Are They? This link has a list….

Committee of 300 Books at Amazon:

The Tavistock Institute and the Committee of 300

The Committee 300 and Their Plans to Destroy the Middle Class ~ Depopulate ~ The New World Order

Conspirator’s Hierarchy ~ The Story of the “Committee of 300” PDF

In 1997, Dr. John Coleman published the fourth edition of The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300. Coleman’s monograph lays out the objectives of the 300, many of which are today plainly obvious in the political and social realms. First and foremost, the establishment of a One World Government, commonly referred to as the New World Order. This can only be accomplished by the destruction of national identity and national pride. The establishment of a One World Government will only be possible by creating the ability to control each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called technetronics. In his book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski writes the technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society dominated by an elite not beholden to traditional values and morality. The final objective, according to Coleman, is the creation of human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Red Terror look like children at play. Coleman discusses the effort by the elite to destroy Christianity, subvert education and dumb down the population, and most importantly, manufacture economic crisis to destroy America, impoverish its people, and reduce them to the status of feudal serfs. It’s important we put all of this into perspective and actively work to educate ourselves about the agenda of the ruling elite. Failing to do so will ultimately result in the endgame—a one world dictatorship ruled by the financial elite, the hidden aristocracy, a world no longer able to determine its own destiny and facing extinction.

Can you imagine an all powerful group, that knows no national boundaries, above the laws of all countries, one that controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce and industry, banking, insurance, mining, the drug trade, the petroleum industry, a group answerable to no one but its members? To the vast majority of us, such a group would appear to be beyond the realms of possibilities and capabilities of any given organization. If that is what you believe, then you are in the majority. The conception of a secret, elite group exercising control of every aspect of our lives is beyond our comprehension. Americans are prone to say, “It can’t happen here, our Constitution forbids it.” That there is such a body, called “The committee of 300,” is graphically told in this book. When most people attempt to address our problems, they speak or write about “they”; this book tells precisely who “they” are, and what “TheY” have planned for our future, how “they” have been at war with the American nation for 50 years, a war which we are on the brink of losing, what methods “They” use and exactly how “they” have brainwashed us. If you are Puzzled and perplexed as to why things are occurring that we as a nation don’t like yet seem powerless to prevent, why it is that the United States always seems to back the wrong horse, Why the united states is in a depression from which it will not emerge, why our former social and moral values have been turned aside and seemingly buried; if you are confused by the many conspiracy theories, the conSPirators’ hierarchy: the committee of 300 will clearly establish that these conditions have been deliberately created to bring us to our knees. Once you have read the applying truths contained in this book, understanding past and present political, economic, social and religious events will no longer be a problem. This powerful account of the forces ranged against the United States, and indeed the entire free world, cannot be ignored.
Buy the book here:

Revelation: Bill Gates & ID2020 | Microchips for a Cashless Society

Globalist Klaus Schwab: World Will “Never” Return to Normal After COVID

The Great Reset
No Privacy, No Property ~ The World in 2030 According to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Pandemic

WHISTLEBLOWER: NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’

World Bank Loan = Lockdown
Covid Scam and New World Order /Agenda21-2030/5G Awareness

70% Depopulation Of The U.S. Predicted By 2025

Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030

On October 24, 2020, there are many rallies around the world. Activists in these countries are joining in a common voice: Argentina; Bolivia; Peru; Uruguay; Italy; Germany; Poland; Belgium; Netherlands; United Kingdom; Ireland; Sweden; Denmark; France; and Austria.
Citizens of all countries are paying an enormous price for the epidemic. They have not only lost their loved ones, but their freedoms, their livelihood, their joy. Children and youth are suffering due to this crisis too. Without their friends and social activities, mental health problems in our young is at an all-time high. People around the world are demanding to be spared from the devastating consequences of the epidemic.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, provides an inspirational message for freedom and hope to activists around the world.
Join the movement.

There’s no arguing with science! A new book details an epic failure of Canadian researchers.
“Psychiatry And The Legacies Of Eugenics”:

How Is Agenda 21 Being Implemented Worldwide?

What Is Agenda 21? Depopulation of 95% of the World By 2030

Eugenics to Create a Master Race/Population Control/Bill Gates/Vaccines
(FYI – Trump admin is and was not pushing the Gates agenda)

PEDOGATE: Women Operatives In Very High Places – Covert Anglo-American Network of “Crown Agents’ Sisters” Revealed

Project Looking Glass From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers. Interesting Video:

Copy of The Development of New World Order. Mr. Fagan describes with documentary evidence how the ILLUMINATI became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a “One World Government”.

Sarah Westall: Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership Structure, Rituals

This is Barack Obama’s (Barry Soetoro) and Hillary Clinton’s 16 year plan to destroy America. If Donald Trump had not been elected we might all be in detainment camps right now, or worse – WW3 perhaps.

The Hard Road to (Technocratic) World Order

The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism
There are just seven steps from pandemic declaration to permanent totalitarianism – and many jurisdictions are about to start Step 5

Global control starts with Agenda 21 – Part I
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck joins Brian Lilley to discuss his new book about Agenda 21, a fiction book based on a terrifying UN project.
Purchase Glenn’s Book Agenda 21:
Amazon Canada:

The Fall of the Cabal is a fabulous Documentary (and sequel) made by award-winning author and researcher Janet Ossebaard, about the downfall of the 1%, often referred to as the Cabal: a small group of people who run the world through their excessive wealth and power. Ive posted all of these these videos 1-10 on my website including the sequel which is 21+ parts so far:

This is the New World Order ~ Agenda21/2030

Nicholas Rockefeller admitted the elite’s goal is a 100% micro-chipped and enslaved World population

Gates, Kissinger On Same Path To Population Control

Bill Gates cartoon
“Hello Useless Eaters”

A Deleted Bill Gates Documentary Has Been Revived
Bill Gates, telling everyone how he will kill people, without remorse, and without any conscience, seems to me these are the same characteristics of a demon. Watch this factual video about this evil psycho where he unveils his master plan:

Jan 27/2021 Article
Bill Gates: We must prepare for the next pandemic like we prepare for war.
The next one will really get our attention – right Bill?

WHO now deems your child’s presence in school as informed consent to vaccinate them (it’s called ‘implied consent’)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Talks About the Outlook of 2021
Covid/Vaccines/The New World Order/Depopulation/BigPharma

Solutions For Humanity
From Jason Christoff:

If you only knew the amount of effort, mind control and psychological manipulation it takes to make the general public this weak, this inept and this childlike…….as to accept what’s going on right now. If you want to know about government and media mind control, designed to weaken the population into a level equal to that of a mental and physical infant……watch the documentaries below. You can’t do this to natural free range humans. Not a chance. You can only do this to domesticated humans, who’ve had their strength removed by toxins, indoctrination and government programs that install clinical dumbness.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Great Reset is Real, Here’s Why You Won’t Enjoy It

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

World Leaders Give Greenlight to Globalist “Great Reset”

The Great Reset (aka Build Back Better), Agenda21/2030, Sustainable Development, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Green New Deal or the New Deal for Nature) is an attempted global capitalist coup on a scale never before imagined.

Here’s a website put out by our elitist overlords currently pushing us into the New World Order/Agenda21/2030. They are doing this right now in real time using Covid19 as their tool. They are not hiding their intentions, they never have….

Club Of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan Declared
In that the Great Panic of 2020 (pandemic) is currently dominating the new cycle, don’t think for a minute that radical climate change alarmism has gone away. To the contrary, it is just waiting for the massive funding that will be sprung during the Great Reset.

The First Global Revolution ~ A Report By the Council of The Club of Rome

Illuminate Plans Secret Video 1967 Leaked | Exposed Illuminate Elite Recording
It’s a long video but worth it:

The Rothschild Bloodline: One of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World

DAVOS 2021: We Must Collapse the Middle-Class
On June 3, 2020, the Davos World Economic Forum unveiled the outlines of their upcoming January 2021 forum. They call it The Great Reset. It entails taking advantage of the staggering impact of the pandemic to advance a very specific agenda. That agenda dovetails perfectly with Agenda 2030.

Designing cities for sustainability, resilience and happiness | Paulina Lis | TEDxSanDiego
This is the UN’s Agenda21/2030 plan for Sustainable Development. They sure make it sound FANTASTIC! It’s a LIE, it’s human enslavement and total control.

Dr. Judy Mikovits and the Real Plague Infecting Humanity

The Covid Cult ~ Symposium With Dr. Ron Paul

Make No Mistake, WE ARE THE ENEMY. WE ARE BEING HARVESTED. COVID lockdown is Torture. This SPECIAL REPORT BY DEBORAH TAVARES, covers a wide spectrum of issues that we have been faced with, and those we have ahead of us. She gives examples and history, patent information and recommendations on what we can do to protect us.

Rik Mayall’s Final Film Drama or Public Warning Film

Yuri Bezmenov ~ The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters.

MANDATORY “quarantine camps” were just rolled out in New Zealand, a globalist testing ground for the mass extermination of humanity


Event 201 ~ A Timeline of The Great Reset Agenda – From Foundation to Event 201 And the Pandemic of 2020

The Georgia Guidestones: 10 Masonic Commandments

Important – This video of Harry Vox originally aired in New York City on October 21st 2014. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this plan has been in operation since that time. Note Victurus Libertas is under severe and heavy censorship, my downloader could not even find this video, and when it eventually did, all that is available is the audio track. “They” do NOT want this video circulated…. It first re-aired here about a month ago, hidden amongst the pet videos…
Rockefellar “Lockestep” PDF download:

Agenda 21 (Reinvented as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050) is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of the World Population by 2030.

The two most dangerous men in the world?
Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two of the leaders co-opting the Wuhan virus–manufactured hysteria to usher in a truly New World Order.

Hegelian Dialectic: A Tool To Enslave Humanity

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda. This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch. If you like the documentary, please share this video:

Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov ~ The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump


“Lockstep” Written 10 years ago chronicles how to bring the world down with a pandemic | This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation. This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network. May 2010.

Here is the Rockefeller “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” 2010 Lockstep PDF Download:

President of Ghana, NANO AKUFO-ADDO talks about and reads from his copy of the 2010 Rockefeller LOCKSTEP document from the Rockefeller Foundation:

Warning from a Rome Priest on the Corrupt and Evil Global Cabal

Internet Passports – UN Agenda 2030 (The Big One) Totalitarianism

GOALS OF the UN’s AGENDA 21 – 2030

The History of the Pharma Cartel

Nicholas Rockefeller admitted the elite’s goal is a 100% microchipped and enslaved World population. This is a 2013 interview.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World, Charlotte Iserbyt
“The deliberate dumbing down has now become the excuse for complete social change, including the privatization of education (the handing over to the unelected multinational corporations the responsibility for education–actually training–of future citizens).

Opinion Piece From Mike Adams at
The next chapter of this plandemic will be the FINAL LOCKDOWN for humanity… mass extermination, door-to-door medical kidnappings, forced inoculations and engineered famine

Redpill The Movie – Part 1: It Is Time To Wake Up | Are You Awake?

Deborah Tavares – Agenda 21/Agenda2030

Deborah Tavares is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self‐employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build‐out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 (also known as Agenda 2030), through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man‐made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the “global warming” movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. A primary example of this is the multi‐national program to install electromagnetic‐radiation‐emitting electric meters (Smart Meters) and programs that will create scarcity of electricity, gas and water. Deborah’s highly visible opposition to Smart Meters has been heard on national and international radio shows, digital media, magazine and newspaper coverage, a discussion with Ted Turner—Depopulation 95%/Cannibalism (on YouTube—Ted The Terrible Turner), Russia TV (RT) television coverage at Bohemian Grove/2011, smart meter protests, community awareness campaigns and countless city, county and public utility meetings. For more information on her research, she has a variety of websites, including: http://www.refusesmartmeters.com


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars:…

Deborah’s Home Page:

How the UN’s Agenda 21 Influences Every Aspect of Society

Ileana Johnson Paugh, PhD presents at the 33rd Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness on August 1, 2015 in Ontario, California.

UN Agenda 21and UN Agenda 2030. A Must See for Every Canadian.

Ann Bressington bravely exposes UN Agenda 21, that is now UN Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 was adopted by our Canadian Federal Government in Sept. 2015 during the Stephen Harper, Conservative Party of Canada reign. Have they told you about this, or how it will affect your life and community? This is a must see video for All Canadians, esp. those affected by new park creations, and sectioning off large tracts of land for wildlife management. The People’s Party of Canada is the only mainstream party that will stop these UN plans. The UN however plays a multi-level game of bringing their agenda’s also on the provincial and municipal levels. Regardless, the PPC will deal with these issues where we can. The Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Greens are Very pro UN and will continue these UN initiatives. PPC 2019 to SAVE Canada. Ron Vaillant Conservative Government Adopts Agenda 2030:…

Understanding Agenda 21 and 2030:…

There is a Treasure Trove of Great Information Links On the Ulluminati and MUCH More Here:

Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is characterized by lucid prose, biting social criticism, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism. Born on June 25, 1903 in East Champaran, Bihar, India and Died on January 21, 1950 in London, England.

1984 George Orwell – Full Movie – Hollywood best Greatest blockbuster movie Film
Written in 1948, 1984 was George Orwell’s chilling prophecy about the future. And while the year 1984 has come and gone, Orwell’s narrative is timelier than ever. 1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world, so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish. No one can deny the power of this novel, its hold on the imaginations of multiple generations of readers, or the resiliency of its admonitions. A legacy that seems only to grow with the passage of time

George Orwell – “1984” Movie Clip (Totalitarianism, Mass Surveillance & Violations of Freedom)

1984 By George Orwell Audiobook ~ Parts 1 – 11

George Orwell’s Animal Farm Animation (Full Movie)

This is from 2011.
The Sovereign Independent Newspaper reported on this 9 yrs ago!

Millie Weaver’s new documentary “ShadowGate” claims that a small group of government contractors were hired by government officials to frame the Trump campaign and set President Trump up for the Russia collusion investigation, while also providing witnesses for the impeachment hearings and providing administrative support services to the Department of Justice (DOJ) during the Mueller investigation. Shadowgate also alleges that this same group of government contractors are behind the fake news in the mainstream media, influence operations on social media, and the civil unrest nationwide; pushing the “defund the police” movement.
Here’s the documentary link:
It is also on Bitchute:

The FBI actually released the Illuminati’s playbook. Here it is!
Please check this out. This is why the world is in chaos right now. The Deep State’s power is being stripped from them, and they are going down!

Here is the link to the full document:

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME.


For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME.
Jones chronicles the history of the global elite’s bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars—creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.

  • Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to document their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world’s agenda and instigating World War III.
  • Learn about the formation of the North America transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever.
  • Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation.
  • View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union.

Never before has a documentary assembled all the pieces of the globalists’ dark agenda. Endgame’s compelling look at past atrocities committed by those attempting to steer the future delivers information that the controlling media has meticulously censored for over 60 years. It fully reveals the elite’s program to dominate the earth and carry out the wicked plan in all of human history. Endgame is not conspiracy theory, it is documented fact in the elite’s own words. Watch Here:

Leaked documents reveal exactly how the Left is turning our children’s schools into massive brainwashing centers for radical Marxists. With many classes now going virtual, Glenn highlights how teacher-activists have become concerned that parents will learn the truth about their disturbing lesson plans. Glenn arms parents with the tools to fight back. Plus, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos speaks to parents frustrated with public school and unions that care more about pushing progressive agendas than educating America’s children.

How the World Really Works
Check Out the Entire PDF Here:

“The Great Reset”
No Privacy, No Property ~ The World in 2030 According to the WEF (World Economic Forum) and Klaus Schwab

This PDF download is about the United States of America Corporation and the Republic ~ Interesting read:

Within China’s medical infrastructure is a dark secret that we expose in “Hard To Believe.” The information in the film has been used as evidence in the recent China Tribunal for investigating allegations of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China. This is a crime the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would like to keep hidden at all costs.

The Greatest War Story Ever Told, the Light has Won!

Covid Vaccine Detox Remedies and Products:
Order Ivermectin Online:

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  1. How do I get regular updates? I’ve really”woken up” over the last 18 months & I’m very scared. I’m older & disabled so I figured I’ll be one of the first they get rid of.


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