China Owns Canada


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Written by Andrew Rouchotas

I have been putting off writing this post for quite some time. I do not apologize for the length of this post. I could literally write a book on this subject. So, I have filtered it down as much as possible without sacrificing the bare minimum you would need to understand the situation, we as Canadians, find ourselves in today. You can take the time to read it, or you can ignore it. Its my job apparently to be the one to post this. It’s your job to decide what, if anything, you want to do about it.

I cannot however sit idly by and watch what is going on in our country right now. This is CANADA. How could I look my daughter in the eye later in life without knowing I did everything possible to fight and stop this nonsense.

Canada is under attack. You have to realize this by now. We have been infiltrated at the highest levels of government. Everyone talking to you on the TV, is paid by our infiltrated and/or corrupt government. You are told what to think and you are told what to believe and you are told how to act – and you obey.

Nortel was the most powerful internet company in the world, handling 70% of the worlds internet traffic. They were the jewel of the tech world, and they were Canadian. Starting in 2004, Nortel began being infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. Using all of the Intellectual Property stolen from Nortel, Huawei was born. Hauwei proceeded to bid against every Nortel opportunity, and using their own technology, by 2009, Nortel was bankrupt. Canada was the global leader in technology. Now those billions of dollars and ultimately 100’s of 1000’s of high paid, highly skilled employees, along with world leading Canadian technology, now belonged to China.

Shortly after the bankruptcy of Nortel, in 2010, The director of CSIS, TEN YEARS AGO, in an unprecedented move, came on CBC News and warned us that our government is being infiltrated by hostile foreign nations.

From the very top, our Government has been completely infiltrated by the Communist Government of China. These senior officials are either directly complicit in the motives of China, or are direct agents of the Chinese Government and Communist Party.

Justin Trudeau has sent $100’s of Millions of dollars to China. Under the guise of “climate change” and “women’s health”. When the United States backed out of their membership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Justin Trudeau stepped up and committed the United States near $1 Billion commitment. The WHO is a Communist China controlled organization.

Trudeau has committed our 5G infrastructure and network contract to Hauwei. Yes, the same Hauwei who infiltrated and bankrupted Nortel. Trudeau is literally paying and rewarding China for stealing Canadian technology, stealing billions of dollars from our economy, stealing 100’s of 1000’s of high paying jobs from our country. He’s also submarining other Canadian Tech companies with 5G capabilities (for example Telus or Rogers) and handing these contracts and these jobs and the further technological development, off the backs of Canadian tax payers – to communist China.

As if this is not bad enough, Trudeau is alienating us from our allies. We are the only “5 eyes nations” (security data sharing co-operative) who are allowing Hauwei into our country and allowing Communist China access to all of our data.

As a result, this prompted the US president to threaten to line our borders with US military. Even though the US president has backed off of this threat for now, you must understand that the rest of the world is very well aware Canada is falling to Communist China. No one is going to help us if we allow this to happen

Everyone keeps insisting, that despite all the science, despite all logic and reason, we must listen to the experts. Ok, but, which experts should we listen to? Dr Tam?

Well, how come the last 2 experts who held Dr Tam’s role in Canada, both disagree with her?

So, which “expert” should we listen to? Is Dr Tam more qualified than both her previous predecessors? The answer is of course not. Anyone who has followed my posts, since the very first day of COVID lockdowns, understands I have spoken up loudly against these measures. The science simply does not support it. These are politically motivated actions. These public health policies are Communist China Public Health policies. These public health policies are meant to control a population, and allow a tyrannical government the ability to take over the economy. These ARE NOT Canadian Public Health policies.

A candidate for the Canadian Conservative Party leadership, publicly expressed these concerns re Dr Tam. For his efforts, he was labelled a “racist” and was nearly expelled from the party. Although he refused to apologize, he did later back down from his stance, and indicated he wasn’t questioning Dr Tam’s loyalty to Canada.

Well, I am not Derek Sloan. I will say it loudly. Dr Tam is a traitor and Dr Tam works directly for Communist China. I don’t say this because she is of Asian descent. I say this, because she is a traitor. I love and respect all Chinese Canadians loyal to Canada. I myself am from an off the boat immigrant family. I am loyal to Canada. If someone from my country of origin were a high ranking government official and acting as a traitor, I would also call them a traitor. I would not be racist against myself for saying so. All of the Chinese Canadians I know, are amazing people. They are my friends and my neighbours. I do not know Dr Tam, and I do not want to know her. She needs to resign immediately.

In a similar way, Chrystia Freeland, is also obviously a traitor. She however is white, so, I presume I will be labelled a “sexist” instead of a “racist” in this case? She has been hand picked and placed as the Deputy PM in Canada, and when our current Minister of Finance stepped down as a result of the corruption in our Federal Government, she was also named Canada’s new Minister of finance. She is on PUBLIC RECORD, stating the economy cannot be resumed, unless it is resumed within the framework of her radical environmentalist ideology. Am I the only one asking what Public Health COVID lockdowns have to do with her environmental ideology? Am I the only one asking why the small business and private sector needs to be destroyed over COVID and public health policies, but, cannot be resumed until her flagrant socialist economy, thinly veiled beneath a radical environmentalist ideology is implemented?

Chrystia Freeland is the author of a book called “Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else in 2012”

It’s ironic that her policies are directly destroying “everyone else”. Small business owners, private sector, etc. The ONLY ones thriving under Dr Tam’s and Chrystia Freeland’s policies, are the new “Global Super-Rich”. If you read Chrystia Freeland’s book, you would understand. It is pure Marxist Rhetoric. Proletariat vs Bourgeois. She is an open Communist, and in all likelihood, either directly an agent of Communist China or willingly complicit in Communist China policies.

We are seeing the impossible happen in Canada. We are playing identity politics at the highest levels of our governments. We are told we are “systematically racist”, thereby justifying the dismantling of our entire system. We are told some of us have inherit “privilege”. We are being divided into groups, and those groups are being turned against each other. We have been locked in our homes, we have been forced to wear masks, we have been forced to mask our children. Our small business sector is being decimated, and the barriers of entry to start a new business have been massively expanded. A significant percentage of the population has been moved to permanent government assistance. Unemployment is soaring, Debt is soaring and our death rate is soaring (and not from COVID). The only people profiting are our government officials and the largest corporations (who are all turning record profits) – and of course – The communist government of China. We are told this is about “equity” and about “fairness”, but, as these malicious practices have always done, anywhere and everywhere they have been implemented, wealth always moves out of the citizens hands, and back into the hands of the few. There is no one fighting this in Canada. From our most senior politicians right through to our media, they are all beating the same drum.

For Pete’s sake, Chrystia Freeland is openly stating her intention to sink the Canadian energy segment and refuses to re-open our economy from COVID lockdowns, until we implement her environmentalist strategy. And who do you think will provide all that energy and infrastructure for her new “Green” economy. Communist China of course.

We are watching the communist take over of our country – and its not subtle.

The world is watching us. Everyone is very very well aware what is happening in Canada.

Australian Scholar Clive Hamilton, recently published a book called “Hidden Hand”, which chronicles how Beijing uses elites in target countries to extend its influence and control. He says, and I quote

“Beijing’s Promotion of Election Candidates it controls most advanced in Canada”

I searched for the THE MOST CRITICAL REVIEW of Clive Hamilton’s book I could find. You simply cannot accept anything less than is concluded within this review

From the director of CSIS’s public warnings 10 years ago, to Clive Hamilton’s world renowned work being published today, to everything you are watching around you.

Maybe you should ask yourself why the media is doing nothing except talking about infection rates and divisive identity politics. They cant even discuss death rates anymore, as no one is dying – at least not from COVID. So, they switched the narrative to “stop the spread” to keep you scared and compliant. Why do you not know about the massive infiltration by Communist China into our government, when the rest of the world is well aware of this and state it matter of factly?

The Communist Government of China either owns via subsidiaries or by influence, massive chunks of our media. The same media that is funded with our tax dollars. The same media which drives horrific public health policies, has you masking your children and has us playing Marxist and Communist identity politics ideologies against each other

Ask yourself how Canada got here, and so quickly. Ask yourself why Canada is implementing Communist China Public Health Policies. Ask yourself why Canada is outsourcing all of our technology and the upcoming 5G network infrastructure and deployments to Hauwei and Communist China. 5G technology is wonderful and is desperately needed in a country as massive and remotely populated as Canada. You thought Facebook selling data to Advertisers was unacceptable? what do you think China will be doing with ALL of your data? Ask yourself how Canada has spiralled to a $1.2 Trillion dollar debt – owned by, you guessed it, Communist China. Ask yourself why a significant portion of that $1.2T debt was sent to China under the guise of “climate change” or “women’s health”, and now we also owe China that money, plus interest, within our debt. Ask yourself why Canada sold all of our gold and gold mines to Communist China.

Now ask yourself, what happened to Hong Kong?

First thing The Communist Government of China did was infiltrate Hong Kong at the highest levels. Remember their rhetoric? “2 systems, 1 country”.

They than marketed, via their Government controlled mass media, justifications for their Army to be present on Hong Kong soil. Ironically enough, Justin Trudeau, under the FIPA (Foreign Investment Protection Act) signed in 2019, has approved that the Communist Government of China is permitted Security Forces on Canadian soil without requiring CANADIAN “knowledge or consent”. The “validation” is to protect Chinese Government owned assets. Meaning, their Hauwei assets, in Canada. So, effectively, we allowed Hauwei to steal Nortel technology, bankrupt them, sell that technology back to us and now guard those assets on our own soil with their military.

Remember all the brave and powerful and virtue signalling facebook warriors? Remember everyone posting “Free Hong Kong” memes all over Facebook? Well, Hong Kong is effectively gone. All the leaders of the Hong Hong Free Press who would not comply, are gone. They have been disappeared. All of the organizers of the protests are gone. They have been disappeared. This is whats happening in Canada, RIGHT NOW. We will be the next Communist State of China, no different than Hong Kong – and everyone in the world knows this except us.

Communist China does not tolerate freedom. And, although Communists always penetrate with verbiage like “privilege” or “systemic racism” or “diversity and inclusion”, you must understand these are just weapons to seed division, fear and hate. Once they take control, the first thing they do is imprison or kill the groups and ethnicities they do not like. Right now in China, approximately 1 Million Muslim Uygars have been imprisoned in internment camps and are used as slave labour. I am willing to wager that once they implement such attrocities in Canada, all of the professional victim, identity politics idiots running around our country causing havoc today will suddenly realize they weren’t as oppressed as they thought they were. I bet ya they would give anything to get their old lives and old freedoms back.

Now ask yourself, despite all rhyme or reason, despite all science, despite everything Canada stands for, why are you taking orders from people and organizations who are owned and controlled by Communist China? They have no real power today. Even with an infiltrated media, even with infiltrated high ranking government officials. They have no power today. That is why the media keep pumping fear and division down our throats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do the exact opposite of everything the media tells you to do. Demand elections and clear out these infiltrated traitors from our government. Insist the new government stands up to China. Insist the new Government shows loyalty to our allies and re-aligns with our allies. Ensure our new government kicks Hauwei out of Canada, and works to build up Telus and Rogers to compete with them. Ensure the new government ends the FIPA agreement we have signed with China. Or do you honestly think that the US will protect us once China has soldiers all over our country and once they have occupied and destroyed us like they did to Hong Kong?

Finally – Insist the new Government stops funding our media with our tax dollars. Insist our Government funds independent Canadian media, who will once again operate as the “free press” and dilute the flagrant propaganda Communist China is force feeding you. Why is our tax funded media spending so much time turning us against our US allies? Have you never asked yourself that question? not even once? Why are our media pushing Identity Politics so heavily? Why are our media pushing Communist China Public Health Policies so heavily? Why are they pushing Hauwei so heavily? The Communist Government of China has infiltrated many countries, every country is dealing with this and fighting in their own way and to various degrees. No one is coming to help us. We are on our own. Other countries are fighting back. Canada is not. Are we simply going to surrender?

Take off your masks. You look ridiculous. Stop living your life in fear, because soon, you will be living your life in chains. Many brave hero’s sacrificed everything to allow you and your children to live free.

This is the The Face of a Canadian Traitor

For more information on Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau’s crimes check out my post:

Operation Laser:

A major event took place back in September of 2019 that has disappeared from any public notice and the deep significance left underreported. A potential Chinese spy infiltrated the highest levels of the Canadian intelligence service which is part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Read more:

Related Chicom Information:

Why are all the violent ANTIFA-BLM revolutionaries coming out of Seattle, Portland & Los Angeles? Because Washington, Oregon & California all became Communist states through universal cheat-by-mail and formed a Western States Pact. Many experts believe Communist China intends to invade and occupy those three states and secede from the union. That’s what the CHAZ/CHOP occupation zone was all about. I think they’re right. They’re already halfway there. The Communists already control Hollywood & Silicon Valley, Bill Gates & the WHO own Washington State, ANTIFA is based out of Oregon and the Communists are saber rattling off the Pacific coast as we speak.

Kevin Annett discusses recent legislation in Canada that allows Chinese troops on Canadian soil. The agreement allows China to protect their vast assets acquired over many decades. We discuss how the asset stripping from Canada …

The Russian and Chinese Planned Nine Pronged Attack Upon America Is Already Underway

Trudeau and his traitors might be well-advised to pay attention because this involves the elimination of people in the newly formed state of Canuckistan. Yes, these will be the camps that Celeste and myself have frequently spoke about. All the Brown Shirt traitors (eg B@den, H@rris, Pel@si, F@instein et al) will be executed by the Chinese as they hate dishonorable traitors. The following article is written by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show:

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada

Chinese police training in B.C. an espionage risk, critics say (ya think??)

What does China have on Trudeau?

From the Dave Hodges Show – he has been following this China take over for a long time now.

This is an April, 2019 article – FRIGHTENING
Academic who blew the whistle on China’s influence on Australia says Canada is in even worse trouble

Chinese Police Training in British Columbia, Canada is an Espionage Risk

Arm Yourselves and Prepare; China Massing “Tens-of-Thousands” of Troops in Prince Rupert and Vancouver Canada. Invade USA?

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, is also on WHO’s oversight committee for health emergencies. She is leading Canada’s pandemic response and she also works for China-controlled World Health Organization

Theresa Tam advocates round up of those who refuse vaccinations.
In a 2010 National Film Board of Canada predicatively program documentary OUTBREAK details the Government of Canada’s plans for a future outbreak (COVID-19 in 2020) and how it will take care of those who refuse vaccinations for the virus… by rounding them up and putting them in detention centers:

Canada’s top doctor Theresa Tam leading pandemic response also works for China-controlled World Health Organization

Canadian Whistleblower: Enslavement Begins in 2 Months. We need an honest journalist to debunk this if it’s not true.

Inuit org silent as feds review sale of Nunavut gold mine to Chinese company

UN Agenda Soldiers Moved In To Quebec

Birthing the Better Land: A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett and the Republic of Kanata January 3, 2021

Wake the Fuck Up Canada!!!!
Watch this video – The presenter, Anna, shows a video from a pro-vaccine researcher, who discusses peer reviewed studies that explain where the Spike Proteins from the vaccine accumulate in the human body. Anna then explains that because Spike Proteins are positively charged, and toxins, negatively charged Zeolite, which scavenges for positively charged toxins (a peer reviewed process), could help combat the spike proteins from both the vaccine and possible shedding ~ this is incredible!
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Check out all of my other posts at:


  1. Irrespective of any deal our government makes with any countries, if those countries don’t accept that our country”s protection of their interests is good enough, they should be told to take their interests and leave Canada.


  2. It is very very concerning. I have some knowledge of these matters. The wealthiest in the USA and Canada have their finances VERY embedded in the economy of the Peoples Republic. Sadly, this is where free trade and globalization has lead. I also believe Communist China espionage is embedded in North America, with the clear OK given wealthy class in America who make huge profits in China. From this meddling flows the rise in gun violence, political correctness, riots, and extreme left ideology being accepted by the populace in North America.


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  4. Hard to believe that a once proud and independent nation could be lead down this path without question.
    I make my views on these points openly only to be called paranoid and ignorant. There will be little solace when the hammer falls. I’m not sure what I can do to help assist my country,bring these facts into the open when the general population is content to turn a blind eye to the real truth.


  5. Dude no shit this was the plan back in 2004 I looked at my wife and said be ready also just before covid I said its time she said whats time I said its been 100 years since war or anything then 3 weeks later covid all this is old well to me and thats not the plan … newzeland Australia eroupe and Canada plan on a mega nation and cutting the rest out like China this is already on the go with all country’s they even already have a currency and a name for it and the new country it will be by 2025 were they finalize it


  6. It has been exhausting and heartbreaking trying to talk to friends and family and trying to encourage them to obtain knowledge about our real situation. They are all either stoned, drunk or prefer to be entertained rather than read a book or ask questions. The big sleep is upon them and only a handful of my friends are open to discussions. The ability to unite and arm ourselves with knowledge and facts is so limited and quite depressing. How can those who are awake unite together to be a strong voice? I’m ready to put my 100% in! Most people I know don’t want to hear what they say is alternative “propoganda and disinformation”. Soooo depressing! Never thought I’d live to see the day Canadians turn on each other due to their own stupidity.


  7. China is capitalist. It’s the leading imperialist country now. It only uses Communism as a mask to fool it’s workers and keep them from a real socialist revolution


  8. Here we are, Feb 22, 2022, and the authors fears have all come true. Canada has fallen to Klaus and his nazi agenda, whereas in Western Canada, the CCP rules supreme. Cheers to all the brave souls who braved the cold and the travel to come and protest, the marxist government. You are our heroes.


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